Beaver Twp

Does anyone have any share the activity is at all time low accept few landowner signed with Antero Resources on Jacks run Rd. hwy 949 just passed county line. The news spreading is 2021 they plan on drilling? Same lease just not paying it all up front.

My lease wasn't traded or bought, Antero doesn't know why and fella I spoke with seems think they wanted hold on to it after checking for me.

There hasn't been practically any truck activity accept one vehicle checking on few shallow wells in the area. 

Not sure why people quit sharing information accept in the busy part of the area which seems to be Millwood and west toward Quaker City and beyond. 

I have been searching well sites old and new and there is a lot of non-active wells and abandon wells in the area with few dry wells which aren't very deep not even 3,000 ft.

With wells all around us not to far away! I wonder if companies are just holding on to acreage because of investors and stock market, Or just plum broke and holding tight waiting on a war or big rise in fuel prices! Maybe after the election when Donald Trump gets in coal and oil companies will start booming again! 

Wish the friends on here that have the time and knowledge start sharing little more in the slower counties. 


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Antero just finished the Quintel Pad, 10 wells just off of Burr Rd.  They also just started another pad on the North West side of the intersection where Clear Valley Rd, hits the Calis road. Both of these are in Beaver Twp. Antero is active in this Twp as it appears to have a lot of liquids.  Go to the Antero web site there is a link to Community Relations, write them in the past they have been very helpful.


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