Was there a hearing on this appeal on Tuesday?  Referring to the case in Monroe County.  Heard there was but no information on it.  Also is the deal of 5800 for some townships legit or a flipper/fishing party?  I hope its for real people do not need any more con deals.

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O. S.,  "Also the deal of 5800 for some twps legit or a flipper/fishing party?"

The meetings and offers I have listened to are definitely "FLIPPERS".  I don't know for sure what you refer to, but if it is Greenwood, stay clear.  I have proof of their flipping from the Belmont County Recorders Office public records.  There are others stalking the neighborhood as well.  Sue, if you are near NW Green twp., please don't do anything rash.  See my post on "Monroe county Ohio Green twp unite".

O.S., by the way, you should be able to look this up in the MC Court records online.  Bob had posted the link some time ago and the litigation is provided step by step and seems to be up to date.  I do not have the link right now but I am looking for it again and will post when I find it.


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