Over the last few days Seismic trucks have been traveling from Bellaire  out 149 and will near Warnock around noon today.  Does anyone know the size or boundaries of this study.  Hope whoever is getting the results are inspired to file some permits soon. 

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They started the seismic about 12-18 months ago, and wrapped up on my place- Richland Twp- a couple months back. The foreman from AR said it was a 50- square mile area. I think they got very good results considering 15 permits for issued for Belmont County in July, and today:


They are in and around Pease Township now; suppose to be done in this area by the end of the month.

Could it be Hess? Don't they have plans for a well off 149 near Warnock? What do you think?

Its Global Geophysical Service out of Wintersville, OH.  They are trying to develop multi county maps based on their tests and they will sell them to various companies that might be interested.  They pay $10 per acre for being allowed to access your land and test.


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