Any activity at the Blasco Pad as of late?

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morning ellen  as I am learning the wording of the lease is everything as far as the above ground lines go thats what I now think of as old information FEB4 it really seems like the information changes like the wind from what I understand the pipeline is a at a stand still and range won't drill until pipeline routes are secure but then again I just heard the wind blow so who knows. Can someone tell me where exactly the kivikas pad is at? And does anybody know how to find the sizemic results from last summers test ? I'll believe it when I see it as far as the drilling is concerned time will tell I guess. appreciate any information you folks can supply  thankx  mark

The Krivicas pad is on Murdocksville Rd, a few hundred yards in from Anderson Hozak Rd. on the hilltop. I don't think you'll find any seismic testing results,  the gas companies are paying for the testing.  They get the info & certainly aren't going to share it with the landownders. 

hi ellen thankx for the info knew it was in the neighboood just not exactly sure where  and, you would think it would be part of public record I guess freedom of information act stops wth the almighty buck any info would be appreciated    thankx   mark

 hi ellen  you hear any thing else from mark west its all kind of quiet with us as far as R.R. and mark west yeah kind of striking out with trying to find anything out with sizemic testing just curious thats all  hey hear anything let us know   thankx mark

 HI guys  have been contacted by mark west a few times since I last posted still nothing cast in stone as far we go checked in with some of my neighbors heard a variety of stuff heard mark west was being sued by a land owner which has put wrench     wellin the works as far as certain sections of pipelines go  price/ gregory guys are running around like crazy just not in our area yet I aso heard that the are going to re-sizemic test our area(MAYBE THEY COULD NOT BELIEVE THERE EARS) any body hear who is doing the test? and when it is going to happen ?  has anybody been aproached yet? we have not at least not yet   any and all info greatly appreciated  thankx mark

Hi ellen did you happen to hear anything about a local neighbor sueing range and winning with a lawsuit for getting paid royalities at the wellhead and not after production costs that is if they ever drill the well info kind of dropped in my lap just not sure how truthful it is any info would be appreciated  thankx  mark

What is the latest on this well?

mornin folks

has any one heard of a test well being drilled in our area ?  or has any body seen sight nor sound of seitel (DAS) doing any seismic  testing info I got is they want to do a test well because mark west may not be able to process the by product from the gas which really sounds strange to me but then again what do I know  RRC has halted all progress on wells and pipelines until this well is drilled any information on either of these situations?     thankx guys  mark


Mark - DAS (Seitel) was on my farm yesterday, 168/Hardins run rd. they have moved pretty quickly across the township. the geophones are not laid out yet but i imagine within a week or so they will be.
I wouldn't believe Markwest can't handle the wet gas byproduct as the Houston area facility - it is quite impressive. Since there are no transmission lines present, Range will not drill until those are worked out. Unlike Chesapeake that drills to HBP, Range is more landowner friendly and fair (up to now from what I've read and seen).
I heard spring 2014 for the Blasko well. The test well is on Clinton Frankfurt road about a quarter mile west of 30. It's a Range well. The pad is ready but not drilled. New pipeline is within a short distance from that well.
I have not heard Blasko well is to be a test well.

Hi,all - I seem to remember the original Blasco site somewhere between the Raccoon Creek SP and the Ponderosa Golf Course.  Then the permits disappeared from the state website; I figured that they may have lapsed.  There's still no mention of Blasco (or Blasko) on the permit inventory list (I checked the Washington County Hanover to make sure I wasn't missing something).  Are you folks getting your info from a better site (not that it would take much to improve on the PA site, witness the Ohio and Michigan sites)?

 hi jason/wozzle going to try to respond to both postings (i suck at typing) blasco well is located in beaver county maybe why you couldn't the permits wozzle you are correct on location of proposed well site BLASCO that is jason I couldn't agree more about the houston facility very impressive and they are expanding it yes I thought it would be the diablo /dempson which I believe is the name of the well site even though it is in alleghany county it is extremely close to beaver/washington county the pipeline you spoke of is the mariner west north loop section I believe my previous post was info I got from a land agent for mark west but the information seems to change rapidly jason how good is your information on spring of 2014  for the proposed blasco site? THANK-YOU  for your responses makes no sense that markwest couldn't process the by-product issue thats how they make there money strange thats all talk to you guys later  mark

Mark - family member of ponderosa golf course told me spring 2014. Told me they gave him that date in 2012 and it was still holding true.


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