First, a very big thank you to Bob and Peg Rea and all the ALOV volunteers!

After being approached by a certain energy company concerning leasing our property, I realized that dealing "one on one" with a landman was a very dangerous endeavor! After some internet searching and speaking with neighbors, we discovered ALOV. We then attended an ALOV meeting in June 2011. Bob Rea (the head of ALOV) impressed me as being  honest and truly caring about the interest of the landowners. We joined the Trumbell county group, we are in the group that is still negotiating. I have complete confidence that Bob is representing us to the best of his ability. Also, I sleep very well at night knowing we've partnered with Bob! God bless you Bob.

 MERRY CHRISTMAS to all ALOV members and GoMarcellusShale members.


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Is there evidence that northern trumbull county is outside of the wet gas area? Ive seen 2 maps  one says yes and one no.  

What have they been negotiating about for so long? The contract language, bonus money, royalities or something else?

I would like to contact Bob Rea to see if there is any chance that we might be related back three or four generations.


Bart Rea


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