Bruner Land Co leases all land they ever owned, clouds titles of thousands of people.

Hope you didn't buy land from Bruner Land Co, I recently learned that they leased a good bit of the land that they sold years ago. A friend of mine is fighting to get his released from an XTO lease that never should have been recorded. He purchased the land from Bruner in the late 90s with no reservations on his title, has had 3 different companies do the abstract and agree that he is the legal owner but somehow XTO was able to record a lease on his title.

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I know for sure in Harrison. I saw the lease yesterday at the recorders office. It was leased to XTO in late 2011 and amended in early 2012. There was a partial release of some properties when it was amended but my friends property did not get released. He found out about it when Chesapeake ran his title after he signed a lease to them. They said they have found this in several counties on about 50,000 acres that Bruner had bought and sold over the years. I saw several of my neighbors properties included in that lease that Consol reserved the oil and gas on when they went to auction. Either the abstractors for XTO are incompetent or just plain shady!

Will have an update very soon.

The release of lease has been filed of record. I win!


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