I live in Western Pennsylvania – I can view a Marcellus Well drilling pad out my bedroom window about a mile away- there are wells everywhere here in Armstrong County –BUT – there are only a “handful” of "public" Natural Gas Re-Fueling stations in Western Pennsylvania – where I am located I would have to make an approximate 80 -90 mile round trip to fill up a NGV if I had one.

What am I missing here? 

 Just got an e-mail from a very “popular” convenience store chain indicating they are looking at natural gas fueling stations but they indicated they are very expensive.  Some company or companies needs to take the initiative and make a commitment to natural gas re-fueling stations.  Yes, those companies would probably lose money for a while but when consumers drive by and see gasoline at $4.00 + a gallon and natural gas at $2.00 (today March 27 $1.84 and $1.85 in Pittsburgh) or below-- believe me – people will start to strongly consider either converting their current vehicle or purchasing a new one that runs on either natural gas or both gasoline OR natural gas (check out GM, Chrysler, Trucks – you can order one next month – April.  I have 2 GM vehicles and one Honda Civic – purchased the Honda in 2008 when gas again hit $4.00 a gallon – and I could have purchased a Civic that runs on natural gas (made in USA)  at that time BUT where would I have it filled up-- If I knew that by September/October/November 2012 I would have a natural gas refueling station even within 20 miles of my residence I would either buy or convert one of my 3 vehicles to burn natural gas

I am also exploring a “home” re-fueling station – they are not cheap but I may “bite the bullet” and invest in one of these – money in the bank draws next to nothing in interest – would get a better return on my money if I invested in a home re-fueling system for natural gas – plus I would be contributing to getting off our “addiction” to oil.

From what I have read – NGV have much less pollution and the engines have a longer “longevity” than engines running on gasoline.

Somebody "please" help me if I am not seeing this right—maybe I am missing something.


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What your missing is the "greed factor". once they get stations built, they make vehicles that use it, fleets convert to it, they get done imposing taxes on it; it too will be $4.00 pr gal!. It'll help the environment, and get us away from oil,but dont get your hopes up on saving any $$$.

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