Does anyone have any info on the recent activity in Forward Township (Butler County)? Lots of activity, looks like wells going in on Reibold Rd near the creek, trucks heading in/out to something I can't see on on Rader School Rd. I asked some of the workmen holding the signs, they just play dumb and say they have no idea. Looks like some pipelines crossing the area (lettering on the roads say "Schmid" with steel cables in many places).

Any info, even the names of the wells and what they are up to would be greatly appreciated. No one has come to me yet for a water test, but the site on Rader School Rd is less than a mile away. I was told by the landman that the wells that would include me would be named "Shipley North and Shipley South". These were scheduled to begin a year ago...

It also looks like they are re-drilling the well on Reibold near Beacon Rd, they moved a ton of equipment back there after clearing everything out. Nearby Penn Twp's well on Meridian road looks like they came back for more there too. Powder Mill Rd has a HUGE site, but can't see a thing from the road.

Hopefully someone here knows what's up, or can tell me where to look for more info?



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Larry F, On Reibold and Beacon they moved back in to frack the well. Meridian Rd in Penn Twp, Rex well just finished fracking. Meridian Rd in Butler Twp going towards Meridian from Renfrew, Rex well just fracked recently, just started digging pipeline last couple days. The activity on Reibold looks to be pipeline work for the well that's being fracked. Down by the creek looks like a storage yard for the pipeline people, don't think they would drill on the lowlands, I've seen that whole field under feet of water when it floods. LewPa

Lew, Your right they are putting in pipelines in the field at reibold rd.up 2 gill well&rutledge well a lot going on around here.axeman1.

axeman1, Would all those pipelines be going to Powder Mill to be pumped to the XTO plant on Hicks Rd? LewPa

 Lew i think so that line is xto,they told me it runs from the gill well over to the rutledge well then over to the plant, I stoped and talked to them a few weeks ago. I live nearby they were just getting started.axeman1

Axeman, It looks like the pipeline they started at the Rex well on Meridian Rd between Renfrew and Meridian is going towards Renfrew. Wonder if Rex is going to sell gas to XTO's plant? Has been a lot of work going on since winter up in Turner's field just south of the Rex well off Meridian Rd, would that be a compressor plant? LewPa

LewPa, I was told they are going to sell gas to xto,but iam not sure. I was wondering if any plans on drilling on shipley prop.? just wondering if any wells will be drilled on the north side of the conneq. creek? seems like all the wells are on the other side of the tracks? any info on that.axeman1

Axeman, That's what my neighbors and I would like to know. The landman said the wells would be called "Shipley North and Shipley South". Supposed to be drilled late 2012, he said.

Wells all around us (even in Connoquenessing), maybe they're saving us for last?


Larry, saving us for last is ok by me , long as were part of it .hope they hurry just cant wait.axeman1


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