I have about 21 acres in Butler County that I am looking to lease is any company buying leases in this area?

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Looks like you are in REX territory. Your best bet is to call them, or let them find you when they are ready to drill in your vicinity.

Rex Energy Corporation Interactive Stock Chart


dont look like rex will be around for long to do any leasing

At this price Rex may be a buyout opportunity for an investment group if they don't get a "poison pill " passed at the upcoming shareholders meeting.

Currently companies are only leasing if they need your tract to fill in an existing unit. Most companies are running 1 or 0 rigs and wells can't make money at these prices so no sense buying more leases.

I had heard of a group in Mars that was trying to pool a lot of people to get more interest. Does anyone knoe anything about that?

Parker Township and Bruin, Butler County. We have formed a landowners group if anyone is interested in joining - call 412-352-7522.

Rob, i heard that Chevron was going to sell their leases in Parker and Fairview townships sometime in the First Quarter of 2016.  Have you heard anything about that? I heard Edgemarc energy is in the running to buy them.

Can you explain to me how that process works? Does your group currently have a lease in place??

     Hi, We wrote our own lease and you can join our group providing that your acreage is within the footprint. Please call me to discuss - no obligation. Thank you


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