nearly 5000 views of the above thread and not a soul knows what Formation Cabot is targeting in Ashland, Holmes Knox and Richland Counties?????????

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I spoke with the man that was laying flags for seismic charges along C.R. 601, just north of St. Rte. 302 (Ashland), and it was for 4 sq.mi. That was earlier last spring. I also spoke the crew that was drilling for the charges. I was informed that they were deep holes. Deeper then he had set before. Finally, this Fall, H.A.D. Drilling put in a well south of 302 next to Utopia pipeline. Now, currently, MFC is drilling about a half north of 302 on C.R. 601. I spoke with a crew member from MFC when they were starting prep for the pad and he told me they were going deep to Trempeleau. I believe he said it was 7000' + hole. This pad is about a half mile north of the Utopia pipeline. He also said H.A.D. subcontracts for them. Could this be exploration to sell to Cabot?


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