Just wondering why a lot of people have leased in Cambridge A year or so ago and now no one wants to lease their. Detweilers well is only a couple miles east of Cambridge and is doing great. Their buying in old Washington that is a couple miles away kimbolton is being leased below Cambridge being leased what is the deal is it to close to town? Any opinions would be great. also AEP bought shell and most people in Cambridge singed with shell?

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where is the pipeline?

That may have something to do with it.

Although, I suspect they are still figuring out how to work the volatile oil section of the Utica.

My opinion: this area is very good.

Guess I am wondering the same thing.  If anyone has answers I would surely like to hear them.  My lease with Shell was cancelled a long time ago yet American Energey Partners purchased all the leases around me.  Just a few of us were left out.  Thanks 

how about an update on the detweiler well..   according to court records  bounty is the present owner and a 12.5% royalty has decreased in payout by more than 75% in a 6 month period..  Wells good.. ??  ok..

I would think bounty wishes they had the money back    cause I heard they are not buying anymore..  must be out of funds.. in my opinion..


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