Does any one know when leasing will start again in Cambridge ohio. I know Aep bought out shell I have contacted them and they are not doing anything .Any how I would also like to know why they have not drilled in Cambridge seems they did a circle around it any  thoughts thanks

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   Exactly,  however, a neighbor recieved a letter and my other neighbor and I didn't at this same period.   I will need to look at the contract but they told us (verbally) we would get a "letter" and "the land was released".

   This is not to say we should have taken it upon ourselves to check but, what the hey, I am new at this.

The lease in the recorders office is literally stamped "released" and the date.This WAS NOT done in this casd. If this is not done then when people approach you or search the recorders office your land appears leased when it is not. The companies do this on purpose sometimes, send a fifty dollar check, people cash, oops lease renewed. And sometimes they are just lazy or too cheap to file the papers. Either way a lease must include a specific ending and filing of the papers, plugging, etc must all be demanded. This situation was not even a lease ... just an option ... so how was a lease filed in recorders office. IMHO worth the $200 for an hour of a good attorneys time to review especially if a few families are involved. Gather all the documents you can at recorders office ... they will help you ... pay for copies ... have an attorney reveiw. Dont make same mistake again ... have attorney review all documents ... sign in their office NOT kitchen table. We even emailed our attorney some things to review when we got a well. Fifteen minutes and $50 for some mortgage issues was peace of mind for us.


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