We are looking for a good attorney to review our present oil and gas lease in Susquehanna Pa. Our original attorney has retired and our lease is coming up for renewal in 4 months. At this time we do not even know if it will be renewed or if we are included in a unit ,however the gas co that it is leased to has surveyed our land and had our water checked. I have called the attorney that is recommended on this website twice and have not received a return phone call.

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Atty. Michael Briechle


Thanks for the name. I have seen that you have alot of postings and information on this site.

How did you make out on your renewal?  Would you mind sending me some specfics?  Location, terms of the lease, company, amount of acres, etc.  We are up July 30 and waiting................Southern Lenox townshi p ............email me if you want privacy.  alprice@shentel.net

Hey Stephanie,

Did you ever find a good lawyer?  Our lease is expiring in September. 

Diane Sykes

Yes. The one recommended to us was Michael Briechle 570-278-9120. Gave us excellent advice. 

Does anyone know where Mr Briechle is located? I am in NJ and would have to plan the trip.

Hi Julia,

I live in NY so I know what you're dealing with.. I used Doug Clark in Peckville, PA.  His number is (570) 307-0702.  We did everything by fax and phone conferencing. 


Hope that helps.

Mike is in Montrose I believe 28 Maple St.
(570) 278-2430

We are in NJ also and were able to do everything by fax and phone conference. They made it very convenient for us.

chip snyder is correct


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