"CAPITAL FUNDING FOR UTICA SHALE" - Ron Eiselstein's earlier announcement follow-up?

Ron, can we please have an update on your May 7th 2014 Announcement on "Capital Funding for Utica Shale?" That announcement is still found here at: http://gomarcellusshale.com/profiles/message/show?id=741176076&folder=Inbox&page=1

And is re-copied here:

Good morning Fellow Landowners,

Thank you for your interest in available funding for your minerals.  Forgive me for sounding cryptic in my post on GMS informing Landowners of significant capital now available for our assets.  Most know that I more than not convey information readily, however I respect this new organization that has arrived up here and as always this industry is very private.

What I can tell you is that they sellected Ohio Land Management as a funnel for Utica Landowners to negotiate minerals.  OLM has been in the Land ownership and management  business for decades under various entities and they value a go-to local organization to interphase with.  They of course wish to remain private and only provide the funding.   Currently, they asked for a few days for themselves to get organize and they used the word "surge" as in they need to prepare for.  I am very humbled and optimistic that BIG money is pouring in again as another phase in our mineral development.

We have reached out to many of the counties in the Utica which they identified, but ultimately, again it is up to YOU the Landowner to bring forth and substantiate YOUR minerals by identifying the infrastructure and development that will justify what you feel you need to be compensated for.  Remember, this is not going to be like the BLANKET leasing onslaught when they did not care about infrastructure.  Nevertheless, development is moving faster now that infrastructure is completed, so most of us are needed.  So PM me as usual and give us as much information as you can, and let us all hope for the best, Good Luck!

Ron Eiselstein

Ohio Land Management LLC

Ron - We immediately emailed you in response to your above noted message and were told in your emailed reply that you'd get back to us "in a few days."

When he didn't hear from you for three months, and after some recent pleasant email exchanges in which we offered you sincere gratitude for what appears to be your tireless presence and unending wisdom on this Forum, and your gracious acknowledgement of our words, on July 15th  we wrote again on the OLM, LLC  topic with our query and you replied asking for our parcel numbers, etc.  We promptly replied along with noting we have the crucial surrounding infrastructure data as well, and it is now July 28th and we have yet to hear anything back from you.

Ron – could we please have a public update on your activities as stated in your original missive, as well as the anticipated private email reply to our earnest and time sensitive question and the data we then provided you both via the forum’s email as well as private off site email to you.

Thank you Ron.

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