Any word on Encino capping wells, particularly in Harrison Cty?  Is there a way to find out which wells they capped?  Is there a reason?


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the ONDR has a link that shows filings to plug wells under the ONLINE DATABASE SEARCH

goto REPORTS, on the top menu bar, select Harrison in the drop down menu for County, select PLUG in the Permit or Plug dropdown menu, and you can put in EAP in the oeprator or leave blank - I only see 4 plug applications since 1/2022 and none are EAP

what are you hearing? (if anything)

They capped our notice no explanation

capped or closed in production? Might be due to low NG prices.

Production can be shut-in for a host of reasons on a temporary basis that can last days or even months.  I'd probably call their royalty relations department and ask specifically the reason for no production.  Producers don't plug wells that are productive that simply doesn't make sound economic sense.  I would just caution that you not jump to conclusions about capping/plugging a well based on the fact there was no production for a month or two.  Knowledge is power all else is conjecture.

what's the well name you are referrind to?

Which well?


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