I have a 5 year  lease with the option to renew for a another 3 years with Chesapeake due to expire on 10/9/2015. I just received a  card yesterday from the mail man stating that I have a certified letter from Chesapeake waiting at the post office. Any ideas what it may be about? Possibly a check to renew the lease?

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Isn't it obvious ?

If not, I've learned that CHK (even considering the many difficulties involving them as expressed here on GMS) is apparently renewing some leases and others not.
A thought or two:

If you're not being 'renewed' are you a candidate to be 'force pooled' / 'force unitized' into another set of 'production / drilling' specifications (a lesser / worse / more / let's call it more 'landowner abusive / un-friendly'set of conditions) ?

Or, if you're not being 'renewed' is it because you can't be so forced ?

JOE IF THIS POST IS WORTHLESS TO U ........just go right on by it........this post is worth looking at if you have lease renewals coming up with CHK.......so it is not wasting my time or the time of many members of this site..........I for example have 2 leases due to renew in the next ten months so this does interest me..........I am hoping Jim gets his mail and lets us know what it is about and where he is located

Lol, the post is dumb, he is essentially asking people what could be in his mailbox when he could just go get the damn mail and find out for himself in a second.  That is why Joe is saying it's a dumb post, and I have to say, I agree.

A discussion about renewals is not dumb at all, a discussion about what may or may not be in your mailbox IS dumb when you can just go get the mail and find out (and then post on here).

(What I am trying to say is the original post is dumb, the discussion it somehow created is not.)

I received the notice in the mail on Saturday that I had a certified letter at the post office. I couldnt get it until today. I was just curious what it may be and if anyone else had received anything.

Please forgive me for being curious and wasting every ones time and I now know it was a check.

Hey, at least it spawned a good discussion.  Glad to hear you got some money out of it.

Its not a dumb ? maybe he works late, he said he just got it, and the post office is closed. Guess this is why our world will never get along. slow down, read closer and love our fellow landowners, royalty owners and all us who are older and new to a lot of things you younger people are already educated on. This is a wonderful site and I have learned a lot in the past 3 years on here. I am writing this and haven't even read the rest of a 4 page A&Q on this. So go ahead and call me a dumb old woman I will over look your remarks and bless your hart anyway.......

Sorry, I was a little rude in my post.  All I was saying is no one else knows what is in your mail, so why ask.  Glad it got people discussing this topic though.  Hope everyone has a great day.

The way I see it the whole point of these pages is to get members to discuss these matters.

If some member receives mail about important matters (these days, a certified letter from a lessee of record seems important to me - even if the addressed hasn't been able to pick it up and read it); and then decides to share that fact - folks seem to start discussing it. I'm thinking that's because they're looking for any and all information that may be important to them as well.

I can't call any of it dumb myself - not dumb at all - more like very interested and curious.

Your wrong it was a premature dumb question but, after receiving the letter and sharing the information turned into a good discussion which is where the thread should have started in the first place aside from the bickering that's going on. There a thousands of discussions on here with a wealth of information if you just post your question in the form as a search of this web site.

This is the last I'll be looking at or posting at/in this discussion as it has no further value to me.


if it does not interest you just find something else to complain about

You may regret it later Joe - a lot of things that you may find valuable may yet be written.

You may even have something of merit to add at some point (although I personally have found no value in any of your contributions as of yet).

It's funny to see what makes some folks tick.

Just sayin'.


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