Chesapeake doing a BAT study in the area or a couple of shady characters in the area???

OK, I dont like to be paranoid but we had people here today that said they work for chesapeake and they are doing a BAT study in the area???  They wanted permission to come back and net the bats to be sure the drilling and pipeline work is not affecting bats in the area!    Call me paranoid but we just broke into a few months back and this just doesnt sit well with me when there are people once a week just coming back our lane for what ever reason they say.... or maybe they are checking things out!  Anybody heard of this activity in Hanover township?  Everybody else has showed proof of being a chesapeake employee, my Hubby didnt ask these people for any and they looked shady to me from the house.  ( maybe it was the ear rings Tats and torn jeans) Thanks

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Yeah, the tree huggers are all up in arms about the Indiana bat. They (the bats) often sleep under loose bark during the day so no cutting trees during their active season. Pa has something like fourteen million acres of trees but don't cut down five acres for a well pad.

And they look "a little shady" because the people that actually do this work are true tree huggers...the ones that majored in "environmental science" ....thus the tats and piercings.

Our neighbors recently found bats in their attic. Upon calling Varmit Guard, they learned a "protected" species was just born in Ohio. Now, they can't rectify their problem without enduring major lengths. So they lay in bed listening to bats while they await red tape. I'm guessing this could have something to do with it.

JR tell your neighbors not to get too excited.  We grew up in an old farmhouse.  Every summer there would be hundreds of bats in the attic, no matter what my mom did to try to block their access.  Except for having to clean up all the bat doo doo every fall they never hurt anything with the big plus we never had any mosquitoes.   We kept an old tennis racket and a pair of fireplace tongs handy for the occasional wayward bat in the living room.  We also had an old cat that would jump in the air-swat the bat to knock it to the ground-then pick it up.  In those cases cat and bat went out the back door.

I put a gate at the end of my driveway, keep it locked, put up cameras and keep a loaded gun at hand.  Anxious for them to get done.  I don't like all the strangers in the area.

I don't blame you. Just be diligent with anyone.bit it seems the "bat" thing is legit. Just don't be a sucker.

This is a normal procedure for the area, no need to shoot anyone ........

A close relative works for the environmental consulting division of a large engineering firm. He is currently working on a project where they are surveying a nearly 200 mile long pipeline right-of-way for everything living. They identify and map all sensitive areas including streams, rivers, wetlands, and forests, along with cataloging the flora and fauna within the right-of-way. Bat habitat is but one of the things that is paid attention to and timber cutting restrictions could result in certain areas during the bat's mating/raising young season if certain types of bat habitat is prevalent. The crews who do the surveying are often NOT white collar-looking types, but most are young, well educated, 20 somethings, often specializing in biology, who live a sort of nomadic existence, spending daylight to dark tromping across miles and miles and acres and acres of land that will be disturbed through all sorts of development, including oil and gas. As with many young people today, tattoos and piercings are more and more prevalent than ever before. At any rate, anyone working on a project like this should be able to produce acceptable identification to ease your fears. If they don't or won't, a call to your local sheriff or police dept is in order.

I'm not an extremist by any means but there are somethings we do need to preserve, bats are one they eat thousands of those pesky things that are tormenting us this summer, and I was worried until we have now had two in the fireplace and one flying around in the house.  Ok so now we know they are still around.  Now lets find some more oil and wet gas.  Seems like we have lots of speculation not a lot of factual info.  Quote "The well in Monroe Co. Ohio (on SR 379)  is 3 times bigger than the Harrison Buell well", and exactly how do we know this?  Protege is leasing one or two people at a time in Salem and Eastern Green Twp. in Monroe Co.  Supposedly a well site scheduled outside Clarington near 78.  Every day a new day and a new story. 

Hi; I was contacted last week by a company wanting permission to perform a bat survey on our property in Ross Township, Jefferson County, OH.  Chesapeake previously advised me in writing that I would be contacted.  If you research the issue, you'll find there is an Ohio Code:  "Bat Survey" under the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mineral Resources Management called a "Procedure Directive" Permitting 2010 -01, effective 7-19-2010 which contains all the requirements regarding this issue.

A survey is not only legitimate, but legally required.  I for one am glad to see Chesapeake following the law.



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