I assume this frac will be done in the oil window as well. Do not know any other details about which well or which county it will be in. I heard it today from an EVEP webcast from the Wells Fargo Energy Symposium. The butane frac must be working for the oil window so far.

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If I had to take a guess at the well that Chesapeake will gasfrack is the " Mast well in Geauga county, Parkman township". This well was drilled vertically in January 2012, and was permitted again this past June.   Yes this is good news, Thanks for posting !!! 

Sorry to be the bad news guy Craig. P/A permit last week. See Image.


Thanks for posting, I find this interesting they will be plugging this well . I believe it is all about the infrastructure.

A buddy of mine that works in the oil field said he has good things about the nettle well.Andthat one was done by gasfrac.


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