I am not judging the merits of this, just passing on the news.  http://www.wtov9.com/ap/ap/crime/chesapeake-paying-600k-for-waterfa...

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It's not just WV.  Prettiest lake in all the land.  Can't drive thru a lot of the creeks though.

Lit­tle Blue Run coal ash pond viewed from space, on the bor­der of Penn­syl­va­nia and West Vir­ginia which takes waste from the company’s Bruce Mans­field coal burn­ing power plant in Ship­ping­port, Pa.  This is the largest coal ash impound­ment pond in the world, ordered shut down by 2016 by PA DEP last July.  This is 800 acres of unlined impound­ment on the surface.

Your comparing the DRILLING in Ohio with MOUNTAIN TOP MINING in WV.

Is this what you are saying? Just asking.


No, we are poking fun at the EPA for the fines they levied on CHK for putting limestone gravel into a stream.   The EPA has really screwed up priorities.  Take a look at the article via the hyperlink in the header to this thread.


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