It is my understanding that Chesapeake is not paying royalty payments this month for most of Bradford and Sullivan Counties.  No statements, company line, costs were greater than production, landowner owes us money.

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They need us just as much.....actually more.

With land....there is no drilling.

Landowners could unite and get investors to drill a well.

They (O/G) need land to drill....that can only be obtained one way.

We (landowners) need $$$ to way is O/G company, but not only way.

Yea i know how difficult it would be....pipelines/selling.....etc.

It has to be a "fair" partnership......hence the lease/contract.

If they insist on not playing fair (paying fair royalty) ....... I'd rather they  not drill at all.

You're full of crap....WHAT ABOUT COAL?!?!?!....if they "buy" your coal outright you get a whopping 2 percent of market value....if they lease ur coal your get 4 percent....end of story.....but I know, you can round up some investors with picks, shovels and wheel barrows


Harry/Danny: You might want to review this.

Ah who owns the oil in the first place?

I have not received  royalties from Rice Energy since January.

So they are not going to pay us period? When the other companies paid us?

Doesnt that void and nullify their lease agreement then???

If Chesapeake doesn't provide a statement, yet still extracts and sells the resource, how can the landowner claim depletion allowance on his taxes.

I don't think we made any Capital investment to extract any mineral deposits so we can't really claim any depletion from what i understand.

I suggest you go to and search 'depletion allowance' before you do your taxes.

Chesapeake suspended royalty payments through inflated "production" costs. Other unit partners still pay for production but Chesapeake pays nothing. We are now covering their toilet paper costs in Oklahoma.

Call and demand a production report for your unit. In essence royalty owners are being charged without a bill if we do not have documentation of the "costs".


      To answer your question:

So they are not going to pay us period? When the other companies paid us? Doesn't that void and nullify their lease agreement then???

Even the best lease in the country includes the statement that in so many words says: "Violation of Paragraphs of this lease, does not void the entire lease".  Take a look.

Throw in State governments that declare "O&G companies don't fall under the laws of the state", and the decree that "all actions by an O&G company will be sold to the Citizens as "Civil Matters" and you don't stand a chance unless you go on the offensive USING THE STATES OWN LAWS TO correct this misunderstanding of the definition of a Civil Matter vs a Criminal Matter.


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