CHK and RRC Leasing in Potter,Center,Racoon, Independance,Green and Hanover Townships..Also Shippingport ?

I have been hearing that a lot of leased landowners in these areas have been receiving checks (from CHK) for leases that have not expired as well as owners that are signing new leases and renewing expired leases (with RRC)...please let us all know if you signed or are being asked about leasing...we all need to stay up on what is happening around well as what they are offering and who is offering...something is happening slowly and quietly..please let us know what is happening around you...

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Looking forward to seeing you guys at the meeting Nancy and Gary!


I own acreage in Greene County, Springhill Township, but haven't been notified of any drilling.  I live in Oklahoma, so I'm not at all in the "loop" of things.

Martha Murray

Well it looks like CHK has indeed sold leases to RRC in Southern beaver County.
search Chesapeake and date range 03/01/2016-03/14/2016..Under Document description-Assignment of lease.. you posted about the cracker, Shell will need 80 to 85,000 barrels a day of ethane for the plant..(Shell was here surveying for the Cadiz portion of the ethane pipeline last week) RRC will need our area for the ethane, since we are in the super rich area. All the landowners in Southern Beaver county need to hold out for a good landowner friendly lease not the current lease that is being presented by RRC and there representatives..

Thanks for the info Gary. I'm gonna wait it out for a better offer.

Gary, When will they be needing our gas ?   How long do we have to hold out ?  Shale  Land Service ( John Liggett) has been calling me daily. I am told that  Attorneys Gatto and Reitz are the owners of this company. All the people around me have already signed with CHK. or Range. My lease will be up Aug. 5th,2016. (with a 5 year extension ) I am trying to pay off all of Daniels Dr. ,Meds, and Hospital bills....

Not sure what to do.  Todd said Not to sign. and I respect his advice........I am confused and I need your input....Please help ?   Many Thanks in advance and God Bless.... Nancy

Hi nancy.

If you sign that delayed lease you will see $100 this year and wait for maybe the rest of it...

If you do NOTHING they can resign the extension giving you same lease terms as five years ago. They may have hired that co to see who saves RRC money by pressure tactics.

They want the large acreage positions. They need us.
They will be back...

This is Texas hold'em. You've got a pair of aces. There's no hurry. It's on them to strong arm. And I hate pushy salesman.

Jason, Thank you and God Bless !   I have to make all the decisions now a days and it is a scary thing.  Never had to do this before.  I will wait.   Blessings, Nancy   The Fire sale in our area from CHK. made me feel better.  Any input from you in the Future would be appreciated.  I think running this farm by myself is a bit much.  Blessings to you, Nancy

ps., But the offer was 17 % and $2,500.00 per acre which is about the same....except  it was 15 % five years ago. and $2,350.00 per acre.( they told me it was only $2,000.00 )  Confused.... You are right about the $100.00 delay.  

You sound like you have your hands full. I teach at SSHS. If you need a few trustworthy names for hired hands let me know. I ask a few students every year to help around my farm. It allows me to spend my time with my kids while they're young.

If yes, Todd can get you my number. I'd be happy to share a few names. In the meantime, I guess it's hurry up and wait.

Thank you......

I have a few owners who are unsigned and I am working to get on board with us.

Hello, just joined the group. My husband and I moved onto 4.36 acres in Hanover that abut Raccoon State Park. We purchased the mineral rights with the house. We were approached last Tuesday by Shale Land Services with an offer of $100 down, $500/acre for years 2-5 and 17% royalties as we are in the circumference/pool. This would be a renewal of the lease from 5 years ago from original owner of property. We did not sign, wanting to gather more information. So any help and suggestions are welcome. Thank you.


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