Anyone know if cicadas could be a deduction on a royalty check, possibly hidden under miscellaneous. They could pose as a hindrance to a well site, of opening and closing valves. Could they also be added as  market enhancement. Don't know for sure, called oil company, and they replied their usual answer I don't know. Hopefully I didn't give them any ideas,, oh well what's one more deduction from zero.

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Never heard tell of a Cicada / Cicadas opening and closing production valving on a Gas / Oil well yet !  

First time for everything I guess !  

Any photos !

Cicadas are just locusts (I think),

Lol !

I knew that part !

BTW - the term 'bugs' is also widely accepted  !

You need to get into entertainment,'d make a lot of bucks with that funny humor of yours.  By the way, I hate those things in the summer time!!

I do know for a fact that earthworms can clog up a well casing and slow down the flow. It happens every spring. My Royality Statement verifies that.

Wonder how they (the earthworms) would ever get into the casing draw pipe to result in enough earthworm volume to create a clog ?

Seems to me the integrity of the casing would have to be so severely compromised that it no longer existed as a barrier !

I'd say call in the A-Team for repair / rebuilding !

But then again I tend to be a 'reactionary' / cynical type.

Say - are ya' sure they weren't Cicadas ? ?

Or maybe Unicorn scat / droppings ? ?

You know - Unicorn scat looks alot like dead earthworms - to me anyway.

Yeah - I'm a riot - I know.


     PA has Market Enhancement and Pipeline use to bring their royalties to zero.

Ohio has Post Production costs and NGL Processing to perform the same goal, little to no royalty payments.

Across this Great Land domestic producer are using their scams to take everything from those who supposedly own their lands minerals. ....With Liberty and Justice For All, with noted exceptions.


No fair - not funny Ron H.

I was also told that oil companies are allowed to go back 2 years, and change production and enhancement cost, how convenient. Could that work for us somehow, maybe an enhancement on sewage would be nice.

Actually, being a science teacher who is off for the summer, let me set this straight. Cicadas are insects that belong to the phyla Arthropoda, and the Animal Kingdom. As far as I know, they have nothing to do with oil and gas drilling. Unless they are the ancient ancestors that may have become fossilized millions of years ago in the shale of the Marcellus, Devonian, and Utica. Lol, not sure how they can take this from your royalty.

Tell us what you know about unicorns Teach' !

Do they like to eat earthworms perchance ?


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