Companies leasing in Wood, Pleasants and Ritchie counties in WV

I would like to know companies that are currently leasing properties in Wood, Pleasants and Ritchie counties in WV.  We live out of state and have some land in each of these counties.  Also, if possible could someone tell me the average lease rate and royalties?  Which companies are the best to deal with and actually pay the lease bonus in a timely manner?


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EQT and Antero are doing a lot in Ritchie, more Antero. They seem to have decent lease terms, and have a good reputation. EQT's lease is not as good, in my experiencce, as Antero but they also have been around a long time.

I am not sure about Wood and Pleasants.

Ritchie documents database

The above is the new company doing the database in Ritchie, and there seem to be a few things that don't work quite right with it, but you can search EQT and Antero, or just search the last few days or weeks, and see what you see.


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