Counter-argument to the "leave it in the ground" proponents.........Please share

Thanks to the technological miracle of “fracking,” America now has the proven reserves to be the world’s number one producer of oil, number one producer of natural gas, and number one producer of coal. Imagine what that would be like for America’s own economy to include the world leading industries of all three of these crucial sources of energy.

America would then be the Saudi Arabia of oil, the Saudi Arabia of natural gas, and the Saudi Arabia of coal, all within just one economy. That would mean hundreds of thousands of good paying, blue collar jobs in those three industries alone.

But the mighty rivers of reliable, low cost energy those three industries would produce would also mean the renaissance of world leading American manufacturing, because manufacturing thrives on reliable supplies of low cost energy. That would add up to millions more good paying, blue collar jobs, and the revival of America’s world leading middle class. America would be great again!

In a new study, Heritage Foundation economist Steve Moore estimates the market value of America’s proven reserves of oil and natural gas alone as 50 trillion! That is more than three times America’s entire economy, and three times all of America’s national debt.

But the geniuses at, led by Middlebury College Professor Bill McKibben, think they have a better idea for all of that oil, natural gas, and coal. Leave it in the ground!

They want to deny America the modern energy that fueled the industrial revolution, and forcibly shift 100 percent to windmills and sunbeams to power today’s modern American economy. is leading a coalition of environmental activist groups in sponsoring a series of “Break Free From From Fossil Fuels” training sessions and protests nationwide this month.

That fits perfectly the thinking of today’s modern Democrat Party, which used to think of itself as the champion of blue collar workers. Not any more. Democrats today like Hillary Clinton have new hip friends, like crony socialist billionaires posing as renewable energy moguls reaping billions in taxpayer corporate welfare.

McKibben went to jail in 2011 for the murder of the Keystone XL pipeline, even though co-conspirator and fellow career rabble rouser Barack Obama got away scot free. A former staff writer for New Yorker magazine, he is the author of the 1989 book The End of Nature, which McKibben’s website brags “is regarded asthe first book for a general audience about climate change.” Substantively, however, the book is simplistic, emotional, unreasoned, hysterical propaganda.

But the book developed into quite a shtick for Professor McKibben. His website further brags that his co-conspirators at Foreign Policy “named him to their inaugural list of the world’s 100 most important global thinkers.” But McKibben is actually the world’s leading Lysenkoist (Google “Lysenko”).

The name of McKibben’s organization,, derives from a statement from the fevered James Hansen, formerly of NASA, that the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere (alleged source of global warming which results from burning fossil fuels) is 350 parts per million. Years ago, the atmospheric concentration of CO2 marched past 400 parts per million.

Yet, U.S. satellites measuring atmospheric temperatures 24/7 have found no global warming for 19 years now. During those 19 years, mankind has produced one-third of all CO2 emissions since the industrial revolution began in the 18th Century.

Soon, the period of no global warming will be longer than the period of actual global warming, which lasted only 20 years, from the late 1970s to the late 1990s. Before that was 30 years of global cooling.

Global temperatures have not varied with human emissions of CO2, but with longstanding cycles of natural causes, primarily heat circulation cycles in the oceans, and cycles of solar activity, such as sunspots. Both indicate we are entering a new decades long cycle of pronounced global cooling, similar to theLittle Ice Age which prevailed from about 1350 A.D. to 1850 A.D.

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There it is.

Put all the elitists on the street and put the U.S.A's economy on the GROW BUS !

Any politician that is anti that idea should be shown the door.


Until the US does more than just allow it's landowners to think they own their minerals, the minerals need to stay in the ground. The taxes we pay for Real Estate is real, but the royalties being paid are Fraudulent with no enforcement of laws being violated by O&G companies.

I agree with Bruce Buck who said when he received his first Royalty Statement proving he had been scammed by a Domestic O&G company, "If they aren't going to pay me for what they take, they can leave it in the ground".

Once again reading this argument (Bruce Buck's and yours) Ron H.

So valid if that's what is actually happening across the board.

As I read these pages I certainly find a goodly number of others complaining about the same thing.

But I also read many who continue to voice their opinion to open the doors to greater development.

I'm pro development as well but like you and Mr. Frank Buck being compensated and not stolen from / cheated of compensation doesn't fly.

Trying to get a handle on exactly what's going on here.

What does one believe and what does one not.

Thinking it would help greatly if findings / results of proceedings were published here.

I don't think I'm the only one waiting to see what precipitates.

It certainly is taking alot of time to get to the bolltom of things - don't you agree ?

Did Mr. Frank Buck end up in the courtroom over being cheated as well ?

If so what was ruled / found ?

How much longer do you think it will take to arrive at answers to your complaint ?

These are great points.

Current lawsuit in Butler County PA.  It seems the family had a chance to settle, but strategically choose not to, so as to potentially bring a class action lawsuit against the operator.  

These 'thefts' are known by PA legislators, as well as Ohio, the issue is, in a world of bankruptcies and 'higher tax' goals by the Gov, how do they also pass 12.5% is 12.5%!

Unfortunately, the Gov's agenda is clearly to get more money into the state coffers, and not the individual mineral owner's pocket.  Ironically, by getting more money in the mineral owner's pocket, the state receives more tax revenue..............but I digress.

Lastly, I posted this not as anti-mineral owner (deal with your deduction issues type of post) but rather as how much more the once Great USA could be doing with these golden assets, if development, pipelines, cracker plants, and industry were actually vetted and permitted in a timely manner, ie, less than 2-3 years.  

I get that Tim.

Lots of foot dragging going on.

Thinking they're all too fat and happy and don't really give a hoot how long things drag along.

Thinking they know they'll be paid if they act or not - so what's the rush ?

The only folks getting hurt are the 'underlings' / someone else !

Never mind that the 'underlings' happen to be the citizenry !

What is the latest on that lawsuit?

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I am a bit confused and maybe you can clear this up. I own the minerals and royalties with my relatives. When a lease is agreed upon, who should get the signing bonus, the landowner/surface owner or the mineral / royalty owner?

We need diversity of discussion  topicson this site as well as diversity of the types of fuels that we are going to use in the United States and for the US position in the global economy.  And that diversity of fuels includes fossil fuels.   

So let's get to the discussion is this process of build out for the fossil fuel industry in PA, OH, WV is it progressing?    I say it is.   Go look at the thread I posted about ethane storage in Monroe County Ohio, those proposed crackers need that storage as I understand there needs to be continuous feed of ethane to a cracker.  Someone correct me if I am wrong.

MHO is it's taking too damn long to get only this far.

Fits and starts and delays is what I see.

Build that damn 'Cracker' then.

Build some Refineries for all the Domestic 'Light Crude' we're awash in.

Forge the GOOD Trade Agreements with Canada and Mexico (don't build a wall instead offer Mexico Statehood).

Build out the Keystone XL.

Stop pussy-footing around and get the show on the road.

Mexico statehood, not a good idea, with all their 'cartels' and poverty.  Have you ever been to cities there?

As far as lets get it going, yes.  New England still receives its gas from canada, from from NE PA pipeline, cause there isn't one.  How stupid is that???

State politics, anti's, have seriously hurt this country economically, NOT A LITTLE, A LOT!

Need to voice our opinion, locally, state level, federal.  Do not let that person walk away believing fracking is bad.  Its NOT.  

I looked up  Its a bunch of 20 somethings, who have no idea that natural gas replacing coal is POSITIVE to Mother Earth.  the mis-information is staggering.

Could it have anything to do with the $85 MILLION dollars that the Clinton foundation has received from middle eastern countries...............not a chance..................

State of Mexico :

Give them all Social Security Numbers and make them pay into the Fund when they work.

No more illegals to be concerned about or walls to build anyway !

Just an alternative idea of mine !

I'd still stay away from the water for as long as it took to bring the water supply up to standards anyway !

Thinking we'd still have to send the National Guard in to clean up the bad guys / drug dealers / smugglers / etc.

This way they could build a much smaller wall (if they had to) at the isthmus in Central America.

Just thinking out loud here a little.


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