I have heard that shell is leasing properties of interest and that offers are higher than $300/acre.

can anyone confirm that this is true?



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well actually, i guess the answer is yes to all of the above. here in Bradford county we've been in production for several years.

in tioga county the initial wells on either side of my property ip'd at over 10 million a day, and shell has drilled development wells in both units. they have wells permitted for a unit which would include my property, but have not yet contacted me to lease. i think there is a problem with one landowner which is holding them up.


gas is cheap right now, and it aint going nowhere. I can wait.

and honestly, for tax purposes, i'd rather not have the additional income currently anyway.


I see Shell recorded some scattered leases in Tioga on Jan 2nd. Can anybody share the details and numbers? Was this bolt on acreage, or new leasing?

Thanks Jim, I have been following along on the Tioga thread as well. I haven't seen anything on the recent recordings on the 2nd. I was hoping for some of the details. I know there is nondisclosures sometimes, but anonymous posts would be great.


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