I was just wondering why no one has posted anything about CX energy holding an informational meeting at the Grove City High School Auditorium this Thursday at 6:30pm. 9/12/2013 ?

I was not in the first signing with them last year and was sort of glad I didn't go through the disappointment that the ones that did sign went through. It looks like they are trying to sign new members.

Any thoughts?

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It is generally for new members to the group. Just general info. Nothing about a lease yet. Here's the link.



Run, and Run fast and hard from anything with CX energy none of the major players will deal with CX energy


Amazing you should say that.  Wonder how all those other groups affiliatated w/CX achieved such handsome leases?  Check online for a listing of all the major players in the Marcellus/Utica fairways.  Next check for a listing of the marketing firms they've dealt with.  Go back even further to learn why a few such names like Kellogg, Ford, Heinz (the list is long and country-wide) looked to CX to achieve favorable energy deals.

Once the curious public checks all this out, the direction it runs in may be different than what you've suggested.

Well-established. Keenly aware of energy-related happenings ... globally, country-wide & esp. in the areas they represent.  The picture you present Norm is not the "norm".  Every section of every county has varied subsurface resources to market.  If folks within these areas aren't familiar w/geology reports, who the players are in the industry, perhaps they need to listen to what CX representatives have to offer ... can and will do ... AND stop reading our conflicting  "takes" on this company!

Are you getting a kickback from all the people you are able to convince to join this group? Wow, you sound just like politician! Or a political advertisement on TV. I am still running, not walking the other way.
And CX can do better? I doubt it. That's the point. We can do just as well without their finger in the pie!

Hilcorp is still recording leases in Lawrence County PA. Shell also is still recording the occasional lease and many ROW agreements.

I have no idea what is being paid these days as no one seems to want to say anymore. Is CX even currently involved in Lawrence County with new business? I see their name on the recorders site but this ,I have been told, pertains to papers filed for their cut of royalties for the group members' leases.

I think Lance's dad may have gotten released from Shell. There is a Nimmo recorded as such,

first thought, no thanks....followed by second thought, no thanks.

I agree completely.Several people in the Jackson Center area wee dropped by CX so they signed, and received their bonus from Chevron. These landowners have recently received a letter from CX suing them for 5% of their Chevron bonus money. Some would say it is the landowners fault for not having legal counsel look at the CX document. But I say.....that's ridiculous! CX was supposed to BE the legal counsel and they were only working for themselves and the only thing that CX made clear was that the DID indeed have a someone to lease. It was never a maybe, that is called deception!

Not to raise more ire than some already have, there are those signers who never seriously looked @ the CX document.  Talk of $$ doesn't guarantee $$, but folks too often hear what they want to hear and seldom follow-up with the written word.  CX does NOT work for free.  When bonus money is paid to landowners for a deal CX has played a part in achieving, CX does expect payment.  It's in the contract.  Let anyone go to their job for days, weeks, months, and not get paid.  Someone would be sued then too. Chevron knew what it was doing when group members were "played" by this "backdoor" deal. Being made a pawn between 2 firms isn't anyone's idea of fun.  It is true some folks didn't read the CX contract close enough.  It's a short one and the clause in question is #2 ... front page.  Chevron knew about that clause, and also knew who would get sued for ignoring it.  Did this O&G giant care?  They got what they wanted for less.  Lesson learned.

 AND BTW ...   What's this vampire FANG talking about in yesterday's post?  Is it something like the pot calling the kettle black? Name-calling in the business world or on any level, lowers the respectability and credibility of the one putting it out there.  That stopped for most people back in grade school.  FANG, when you choose you do put out useful info rather than resorting to what was posted above.  Want to get back on track?

While the 4-County Group which I am affiliated with is being marketed by CX and as yet do not have a lease in the negotiation process, we do continue to be updated on happenings locally, state-wide, and globally that affect shale deals. O&G is BIG business due to growth in technology and energy needs world-wide, and the volatile political nature of the business. Our expansion of understanding, knowledge, and involvement in Group affairs keeps us on target.  We aren't in a prime shale area but we are marketable, and understand that rants, 1/2 truths, and in-fighting serve no purpose ... except to affect blood pressure perhaps.

 Everyone's level of understanding on any given subject varies for many reasons.  This is esp. true in the world of O&G.  The big companies count on it.

I'm still agreeing with Fang! I don't have to be professional, I have a real job where I provide a real service instead of thinking of ways to get in on "the big money" of oil and gas. I just, fortunately, or some may say unfortunately, have stayed on the family farm where I am being directly impacted and I am not terribly sure of who to trust and who not to. I personally did not sign up with CX because I was uncomfortable with the whole "you have to be signed up by June 9th or you will be out in the cold." Seemed a bit sketchy...guess I was right. From what I have seen in the last year, it is just best to wait and see how it all develops, the drillers will come knocking at your door if the time is right. And then go see a real lawyer with an office that isn't a motel room or a fire hall.

I do not see why anyone would tie up there land with CX because some energy companies do not deal with land brokers.

So ask yourself why.  Typically it's because they can get cheaper deals and provide fewer benefits, and of necessity provide only  state mandated protections.  If anyone wants or absolutely needs a cheap, fast deal then they should go for it, and listen  to whatever the drilling company agents tell them.  It's a choice.

Everyone has an area of expertise ... one where he/she can give accurate advice even if it's not called "[professional'. White collar or blue collar, know which can give the best advice for subject in question.


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