I was just wondering why no one has posted anything about CX energy holding an informational meeting at the Grove City High School Auditorium this Thursday at 6:30pm. 9/12/2013 ?

I was not in the first signing with them last year and was sort of glad I didn't go through the disappointment that the ones that did sign went through. It looks like they are trying to sign new members.

Any thoughts?

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I've spoken with Janice on the phone, and she is definitely a nice lady, that seems to only want to help landowners.  She also seems knowledgeable on the subject.

Janice-- I have been talking to different landowner's that have formed groups also, and 6% of bonus payments seems a little steep for you and your fellow landowners to pay.  

There have been some really successful groups that have signed for 1%. And some that have signed without paying a % and just paying the attorney an hourly fee.  I know you are looking out for your fellow landowners, and CX probably has some nice/ intelligent people working for them.  I think people on the forum get frustrated though when they see your group may pay $10 million in fee's when they see landowners like Larry Cain and the Smith-Goshen group negotiate a great deal for themselves with no percentage given away and only a $25,000 attorney fee.  


Your pied piper tactics are beyond nauseating.  I have to admit, you are a good "soldier" (I hesitate to utilize that term for this situation but find myself struggling to find an equally effective replacement) for the CX cause, however, you made me burp up a little of my breakfast with your caution about "fine print".  You are well aware that anyone can do well for themselves with a little patience, due diligence, and a good oil and gas attorney (one who bills by the hour and is not after a piece of your pie).  Unfortunately for you, this does not help pay the bills.  Please don't waste anyone's time with a clever retort as to why you, your group, or CX is just here to help and has each landowner's best interest at heart.


Take some Tums then consider ... patience, diligence, knowledge, and a plethora of "good people" are exactly what everyone needs to have and be surrounded by for a happy life.  Add adequate water, food, and sleep and we'd all be in 7th heaven.

NOW ... back here on EARTH ...

Each landowners' group is different based on many things. Geology, infrastructure in place & in the planning stage, willingness of locals to bring the O/G industry to a region. The E&P companies interested in a particular region look @ what it has to market, @ what depth, market prices, and the politics that enter the picture from too many angles. Don't forget the proximity of support industries and a qualified workforce.  Even an area that has all this can have difficulties and that's hard to imagine, but here's why.

If the public views all "professionals" or all trade workers as being the same, it's over-looking the fact that not everyone graduates @ the same level whatever the calling.  My point, when Marcellus hit us hard how many  experienced, GOOD oil & gas attorneys do you think really existed across PA, WV, and OH?  I'm not disparaging lawyers but I'm pointing out there simply weren't that many to serve the common folk.  The cream of the crop willing to move had long traveled on following O&G companies to TX, to OK, to AK. Top oil and gas had been discovered in those locations. Lawyers went were they were needed and could be paid well in bigger/better settings.  This migration began in the 1950's ... a long time ago!  After that much of the Marcellus region had little use for O&G attorneys capable of doing nothing but securing top leases.  The bulk of our lawyers became legal general practitioners ... able to do a bit of everything.

The first ones to recognize this shortage of professionals were the major O&G companies that wanted to get as much OGM acreage corralled as possible for as little as possible, and slip in more nefarious clauses that were totally unfamiliar to landowners ... and too often not truly clear to their family lawyers as well.  These were leases that looked liked the ones their grand-dads had signed ... perfectly normal ... but only back in the day.  The top O&G att'ys that  existed across the Marcellus region for decades were often employed by the same companies that wanted to lease our lands, so what did forward thinking landowners do?

They learned from the mistakes of others. They learned from presentations put on by 

  Penn State's Marcellus Center for Outreach& Development (MCOR) personnel, and others like them ... so much more. Even learning from O&G att'ys

who stayed with landowners and advised them to form groups for strength in 

negotiating and marketing. This is not new!  No one has re-invented the wheel.

Obviously I'm a strong believer in landowner groups. Fang and some others advocate a landowner can often do well leasing on one's own, or in a sm. group.  You ... ea. individual owner ... knows how well your skills match up against global concerns like Shell, Range, Chesapeake, etc. and their lawyers. You may know or not how well your varied natural gas resources stack up against those in our state or ones near-by.  Whatever ...!  You want the best for you, your family, and the environment.

It took time for CX to rise like cream to the top for 4-County. The membership knows what it has, the challenges a solid leasing experience can present under the circumstances we live with.  WE  HAVE MARKETABLE RESOURCES @ VARIOUS LEVELS.  We don't have the Cadillac of shales.  So --  like Avis we and CX work harder.

If other groups out there don't feel they need this type of representation then they should simply look for what will work for them.  We all have aspirations, and they are not all the same. Like any firearm the caliber needed can vary.

Janice. Is it true that CX
Is suing landowners that had
previously signed with CX .
Please answer .
Janice I can understand your
Hesitation to respond if this
Is true but shouldn't cx's
Future clients know the truth?
When I read Janice's posts, all I can think of is The character from Harry Potter, Delores Umbridge, who talks in a sweet sing-song voice, dresses in all pink and loves kittens......yet she is one of the worst villains in the series.

I agree 100%!  I got a much better lease with a private attorney that only cost me a flat rate $500 than a friend of mine got with a group that now is taking %.

landowner, would you be willing to give us the name of the attorney you used? My family has land in Muddy Creek Twp. Butler County we have not leased but have an offer.



These are very valid points.  
Would you consider switching  from CX if there were a non-profit group that doesn't charge anything, and is formed of:
Attorneys that have negotiated more deals than CX, Landowner group leaders that have negotiated successful deals in their towns,  experienced geologist, and experienced landman?

Wait for it...wait for it...we have a good bingo!  I knew eventually Janice would throw out her signature "rise like cream to the top" signature line.  Thank you for making my day (tear)!


Good advice regarding the tums, however, I can't seem to find where I placed my hip waders ;)


I've been on this site for over three years and that whole time this ridiculous 4-County group has not been able to find a lease that was suitable.  Three years (probably more) have been flushed down the drain and I'm starting to wonder why people are so committed to not making money.


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