I was just wondering why no one has posted anything about CX energy holding an informational meeting at the Grove City High School Auditorium this Thursday at 6:30pm. 9/12/2013 ?

I was not in the first signing with them last year and was sort of glad I didn't go through the disappointment that the ones that did sign went through. It looks like they are trying to sign new members.

Any thoughts?

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They missed the first wave to lease and no initial interest was for them.  The train has left and they still are at the terminal.  They need to go home relax and wait fro the train's return.  Unfortunately, it may not.  I however believe it will once the cryogenics plant is underway.

I don't know all the details but from a purely business perspective I have a hard time understanding how group leadership can fail to secure a deal in such a long time frame and still remain legitimate.  But then Mr. Obama got reelected, so I suppose anything is possible.

Remarks based on 1/2 truths don't belong on this site, nor due personality slights.  

4-County began in '08.  2 counties in NY and 2 border counties in PA.  Remembering only that this was a rich O&G region "back in the day" (from Titusville forward), talk of revitalizing this industry in what had become a rundown version of its former self led to a great deal of excitement when Marcellus news spread throughout the countryside.  The door-knockers were signing up landowners with old-style leases their grandfathers had signed.  Over a half century ago $3 -- $20 AC leases were great, and the possibility of a royalty on top of that ... gravy.

It was wrong in the turn of this century and even $500 an AC is wrong now ... say nothing of the lease wording that followed the numbers.    Hence the beginning of 4-County ... a group of landowners that knew they could do better with enough acreage and good representation.  It didn't happen with our first "mouthpiece" for several reasons, but it not because the knowledge or ability was lacking.

The natural gas market which had been rising feverishly,  plummeted in the spring of '08 from over $9 down to $4.50 by April of "09.  If companies had a real head's up of what was ahead, by then they were sure of it.  The 5+ firms  4-County had vying for its AC just a year before had disappeared.  Exploration and Production companies could only maintain operation in the richest of regions, and 4-County's Marcellus will never fall into that category ... not the Marcellus.  We always knew ours was a Ford shale, not a Cadillac.

Then NY politics made a bonehead move and put a moratorium on horizontal drilling even in its richest area, but allowed the hole-after-hole Swiss-cheese old style drilling to continue.  Nothing like preserving the countryside.  That ruling which still exists today imprisoned the resources of 1/2 of the 4-County members.  Even so NY membership grows.

That never made us unmarketable, but the continued fall of gas prices down to $2.50 in April of 2012 didn't help.  Meetings continued to be held and newsletters to go out because from infrastructure growth, Group growth, technology expansion, changing rules from numerous gov't agencies , and market uses that were constantly changing the picture for landowners wanting to lease.  We determined that lack of knowledge wasn't going to make sitting ducks of us again.  

In an extremely complicated industry like O & G a single individual (professional or not) cannot  / does not have the capability to market and negotiate for a group the size of ours (& one not holding ACES in the shale dept.) without employing an established firm of highly skilled professionals that has already made significant footprints in the energy world before Marcellus came along.

It took over a year of research to find a such a firm, (CX-Energy).  Others presented themselves but lacked the "history" of dealing with clients solely in the energy field, with the numbers 4-County represented, and with the challenges that faced us.  Once private meetings and correspondence began, it  became clear that 4-County needs could best be served by CX.  The firm came on board just before Christmas of '11, and has never faltered in it's efforts to " educate and grow the group", continue with meetings and newsletters, and market us in what has become a global market.

Our optimism does not come from a "Pollyanna" frame of mind.  We know there are many clauses in a lease that affect (or negate) the numbers that are always dangled in front of landowners.  Our region is rich in surface resources, and to attain access to the sub-surface resources we worked with CX for 3 months ... making sure the firm understood the importance we place in maintaining/reclaiming these surface resources once the drilling is done.

Negotiating isn't a one-way street, and 4-County has learned our Utica is even more valuable than our Marcellus.  This gives us an edge we were unaware of until 2 yrs. ago. From burgeoning infrastructure, near-by support services, and an expanding workforce knowledgeable in O&G, we have aspired to provide CX with a Group that's truly marketable.  

Prices up to $4.00 in July of this year (Check NYMEX history on all this folks), longer laterals that make for dbl. the AC in a production unit, fewer rigs needed, expanded global market for many reasons, lighter rigs that are easier to move and get the job done.

This type of information is kept in front of 4-County members so situation like those experienced  before and during '08 don't sneak up on us again.  We're ready.

Wherever a group is in its developmental stage, whatever its particular needs, if after simply talking to and meeting CX folks it becomes apparent this is a firm that can or cannot meet the needs of the membership ... walk away.

Oil and Gas represent a multi-billion dollar industry that will continue to grow as long as our world needs energy to survive.  Get  the best possible representation for your region or simply "settle".

Ignore rants and raves.  Find out for yourself.  4-County has studiously and deliberately built a solid foundation for growth and representation.  If that's not what other groups want, then they will find their own way.


I have been PM'd several times concerning my company's (Ohio Land Management) discussions for a cryogenics plant in Mercer county and a possible association with landgroups in the region.  OLM absolutely has no connection nor association with any landgroups in the Utica shale region.


Yawn....ok, supreme exalted leader....your endless promotion is like Chinese water torture....I now understand how you grow the group.  Now where did I place those darn hip waders?



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