Daniel Fine weighs in on incoming Biden administration, energy and pandemic

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Daniel Fine

The San Juan Basin, the Four Corners and New Mexico at the end of the Year of Pandemic await the arrival of vaccines for the general public and voting in Georgia. The first is a matter of months and the second in a week. 

The Biden-Harris transition closes with the swearing-in ceremony and a new president over the Federal Republic of the United States. Georgia’s run-off Senate election decides the future of his Administration. It also determines the short and long-term future of the Republican Party.

President Joe Biden will have no Republican buffer against his program of progressive political change if Georgia chooses the Democrats. 

The paper ballot enigma and Republican division over the electoral outcome for president as well as a 1,400 difference in the stimulus checks per the qualified between Republican Party (conservatives) and Democratic Party (progressives) are in play. Meanwhile President Donald Trump can offer himself now or in the future as having made and led a populist Republican Party. It would be surprising if Georgia does not elect two Democratic Party senators.

With that the Senate must vote on Interior Secretary-Designee Deb Haaland. If there is a status quo Senate or a Republican Party majority, she would still win and become Secretary of the Interior with control of the 94% of federal lands in and around the San Juan Basin, San Juan County and much of the Four Corners, as well as federal lands in the Permian Basin."

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