Dec 30, 2014 Ohio legislators pass bill that deals with oil and natural gas leases

The Ohio General Assembly recently passed Substitute House Bill 9, which among other things, specifies that an oil and gas lease creates an interest in real estate. This seemingly minor change could have far-reaching implications in light of recent debates over the nature of an oil and gas lease in the context of the Ohio Dormant Minerals Act

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As written this bill seems to deal with encumbered property such as repos, forfeitures etc that are court orders. It says that it recognizes that existing law statement about leases being a land interest instrument and therefore probably does not change anything,at least that's how I read it.

That's just horrible to read.

In my opinion, we need to get the word out about producer theft from landowners so the legislators can write some useful laws to put the money being stolen in the landowners hands.

Then we can be taxed in order to lower the state taxes, and improve Ohio's economy.

The NGLs need to be documented and added to the Severance Tax list so we can rebuild infrastructure.

That said, lets get in touch with our Representatives and ask them to do something useful for all Ohioans, like, STOP THE THEFT!!!

The link doesn't work anymore - can you update it?

Try this link. Scroll down through. The changes made are underlined or a line through the words or sentence.


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