Is anybody noticing the deductions by Encinco. In addition to some taxes they are now deducting for “production costs”. When asked she said all leases are being reviewed and after that, the deductions would be refunded if they weren’t to deduct them. Said it would take months before they are done. Mine amounted to almost 1/3 of gross. 

Wonder if this is their way of getting cash and then will pay back months later. I didn’t notice it until now as they didn’t get the online owner info working until now. Waiting for June’s report but sounds like they are going to keep up the deductions until they finish review of all leases.

Is there anything we can do

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I called the Houston office, spoke with one individual who couldn't answer my question about how 27 cents was a fair payment for Total E&Ps 25% while being in 4 Wells, so I was transferred to that nice lady, more than likely Betty. She said she knew of how Chesapeake had been underpaying us, and that they would be reviewing Our Leases to figure out what we should be paid. I told her that CHK had cut my payment in half the month before the Hand off to Encino, now they had dropped it further. She said they were going to check Our leases and pay us fairly.

I talked to a Well Landowner (Mr. X since I don't want him to be docked for talking to me about his experience with Encino). Mr X said that  when he called Encino, he was told that Encino will review Our Leases but there were thousands of Leases and it could take months.  Mr X then told me "There aren't that many Leases, they are SURE, ALOV, DPS Penn (Dale Properties of Texas trying to look like a Local Friend by adding Penn), and a few others, it shouldn't be that difficult. I agreed, this Landowner was getting smarter every year, I was impressed.

I called the Encino Temps (they didn't know they were temps but would soon find out) in Ohio last month and was immediately told they found an issue in my lease and were going to drop my Royalty further. No one asked me what lease I have, so they must have been told to let every caller know the Royalties were going to be reduced further due to sheer Greed. 

My immediate thought was "You can't find my lease let alone find an issue with my lease". My voice falters a bit when I get supper pissed, as I try to not abuse those between me and the source of my anger. Some may think I'm afraid but that is not the case.

I asked the nice fellow to call his Legal Department and ask how many Sealed Federal Indictments for Ohio existed. I continued by saying "When You Hear that there are over 5000 sealed Federal Indictments for Ohio, please tell your friends during Your 4th of July Company Outing, not to get comfortable in Your jobs". His voice began to quiver. Have a Nice Day I told Him.

Those hiding in Houston wouldn't accept my US Postal Service Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested when I attempted to inform them that the acres Chesapeake sold to them per my lease are now only 8 acres.

The Postal Clerk said the mail man was going up and down the stairs trying to get one of these losers to sign for the Mail.

That speaks volumes of who these losers are and how they will whine and cry when they are placed in hand cuffs for the Free Air Shipment to GITMO. From Filthy Rich to living rent free in a very small cell. I hope they aren't claustrophobic.

I didn't tell them yet that their wells are on my property without a lease since Chesapeake said they "accidentally" placed a Release in the Courthouse Records then asked me to sign a piece of fraud that would have taken all of my minerals on all listed parcels, but the they claimed it was only to remove the Accidental Release. 

When the laws of Ohio are once again being inforced, I plan on closing down their wells until I get a document that shows I'm part owner of the well with certain compensations that go with ownership.

The Release was one of those gifts from God which I would never sign to give an acre back to the Most Corrupt company to ever exist in the US.

Ray Walker, I'll put that name on my wish list for an early flight out of the US to GITMO.

I had a hard time finding names of the sad sacks in the Houston Office, a lot of blanks showed up as if these folks don't want to be known by those they defraud. They still won't be able to walk the streets in the distant future if they get out of Prison. It won't be safe for them, ever.

I bet he coos when they lock the cell door at GITMO. Those have to be the smallest cells ever permitted by Military Prison authorities.

I hear there is a Guillotine, one of the 30,000 the Kenyan purchased from China. Facial Recognition and all the bells and whistles.

I guess the Traitor 44 never thought Hillary would lose so he exposed his plans of Depopulation of US Citizens a bit too early.

If the Kenyan asks for the Guillotine, we should give him the rope and vise versa. We would not have been given a choice, they needed to Remove all US Citizens as fast as possible. You'd think Traitor 44 knew that Christ was in the area so the Plan was to execute all Christians before Christ Returns.  Sounds Crazy? You don't know the half of it, but The Truth will be Revealed.

Cynthia Cook, THANK YOU for the phone number for Encino, 281.254.7070. I just called, and they took notes and will be reviewing my lease sooner rather than later because I called to complain, calmly, of course. I told the rep that it's a good thing we're not actually making that much right now (just 2/3 of an acre in a unit), or I'd actually be quite angry. THE REP INDICATED THAT ENCINO IS SEEING, UPON THEIR REVIEW OF THE BOOKS, THAT CHESAPEAKE WAS LISTING A LOWER SALE PRICE FOR THE GAS AS A WAY TO TAKE DEDUCTIONS FROM MINERAL RIGHTS OWNERS SO THE OWNERS WOULDN'T KNOW! I'm paraphrasing, so don't quote me. Encino would politely call this a discrepancy of Chesapeake's part, but it's obvious they're taking this chance to bust CHK so owners won't be quite so frustrated with Encino while Encino reviews the leases and removes deductions that should not be taken and reimburses us for deductions erroneously taken by them. I asked for interest on the money, too. CHK never ceases to amaze me. If we want our money back from CHK, we'd have to sue and find a way to prove they weren't actually paid less than they claimed for the past decade. [Note: I'm double posting this as an original comment so everyone will see it.]

Also, If you are one of the wells that TEP USA owns a piece of , good luck. They are seem to be taking very large deductions. And the check detail for direct deposit is not available. And we have not found any contact for the company, anywhere. The one number Encino gave me was for the wrong company. Encino operates the wells and cuts the checks. They say they do not have the details, but they are on the printed paper checks, so that is a lie. I would like to know how I am getting paid for that part of the production.

Apparently Encino had zero help from Chesapeake getting all this set up. So they are working from scratch and building all new. How true, I do not know, but that is what I was told.

Total USA -


1201 Louisiana Street

Suite 1800

Houston, Texas 77002


I thought TOTAL sold their 25% interest to Encino at the same time Chesapeake sold their interests.

When mine switched to Encino (gross, but calculated at wellhead I think unfortunately) the O&G unit rates seem ok , but looks like higher post production costs. CHK was about $1.25-$1.35 production costs. On the Total % check-I'm getting negative prices for NGL and my check was basically $0. No check at all last month. I have asked Encino 3 times about the negative rates on the Total check and they said they would pass it along to Total. I doubt if it goes anywhere. Are others having the same problems.

Encino; could that be Chesapeake under a new name, finding a way to take even more deductions? Who know what goes on behind the scenes when $ is involved!

How about that Total E&P monthly payment promised by Encino. The one time only check for 27 cents was meant to destroy me or cause me to say something that mike dewine will soon be able to lock us up for.

I have no doubt that Chesapeake as part of the Encino deal will continue to bank the 25% Ownership by France (Total E&P). China, France, Australia, Canada, the UK, and other foreign corrupt will be removed from OUR Nations OIL PATCHES.

When Chesapeake falls, it will show/prove that all deals they made with foreign countries were not only corrupt but each an act of Treason during a time of War (US AT WAR declared in 2002). I see folks standing at the GITMO gallows every time I think of this.

Be calm, don't fall into the trap that the False Flags that are taking place all over OUR NATION, hosted by the C_A to allow over reaction by the ungodly who are in charge, in an attempt to sell us out to the New ____ Order. It is real, if you do your research.

You are just waking up, I have never been asleep.


Cut & Pasted from below:

I have no doubt that Chesapeake as part of the Encino deal will continue to bank the 25% Ownership by France (Total E&P). China, France, Australia, Canada, the UK, and other foreign corrupt will be removed from OUR Nations OIL PATCHES.

Chesapeake will once again be asking the question "But How Does He Know?"

That's my secret.

SB   That is incorrect, the letter each of us received stated that Encino will be paying the 25% Royalty still owned by Total E&P.

I was thinking after I read the letter that we would soon know how much a 25% Royalty actually is. That shows how we Ohioans think that everyone is honest, then get another slap in the face from Our Friends out West. They must think they are living in the Wild West Days when the law was a rope or a gun.

Actually the Justice coming will offer a rope or a gun for those who's Corruption included actions considered Treason.

Give that nice lady,  Betty Hammer "Land Administration Manager" for Encino at Houston TX a call at 866 678 0551 or send an email to her:

Please take notes on the phone call or copy and paste her email reply to this website.

It would be nice to know the most recent "line" Encino is feeding to Ohioans for the reducing the less than 1% Royalty Chesapeake was paying to 0.01% ( reduced by 90%).

If you don't want to contact her, that's OK, the NSA has Ms. Hammer's dealings (phone, email, bank accounts) on the Hammer Super Computer.  Being a Manager in this RICO Fraud, you know she will be found corrupt.

Hammer taken down by the Hammer, I can see the headlines.


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