Chesapeake energy  has proposed Drilling  units that run from the vicinity of the intersection of Thompson Road and Kilgore ridge road running to the south east for approximately 3 miles to the edge of State Route 151.  The well pad has been prepared. Approximate 250 landowners have signed leases, but one landowner  owning  approximately 30 acres has refused to sign a lease.  This  Owner is reportedly requesting a $7500 per acre signing bonus  and other lease clauses unacceptable to Chesapeake.  A reliable source has reported the Chesapeake is preparing an application for force pulling from the Ohio DNR.  Attorneys who are familiar with this process tell me that it is unlikely that the application will be decided on in the remaining six months before approximately 100 leases expire. The Issue then becomes whether Encino  will  attempt to release the properties with expired leases. LET’S hope so! 

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Yes JT ODNR map is wrong according to Chesapeake. Will be three long legs with one short leg. Was there today, and was told they are setting casings. Also fourteen tanks sitting to the back of the pad. If everything goes as scheduled drilling should commence middle to end of January. Keep your fingers crossed.

You're correct.  The ODNR map is wrong.  Page 67 of the permit for 210H has a drawing.  The drilling unit for 10H and 210H is the same.   They've requested temporary minimum spacing to enable recovery of reserves that normally would not be produced.  I've highlighted the drawing from page 67:   

Check out US Land Records.  EAP has filed the pooled units for the Deucker wells.

Deucker 6H and 10H status on the permits are listed as Drilling, the other two as Permitted. Are there drilling ops on the pad now?

Haven't been in the county for a while so I'm not sure but if they're planning to start in mid to late January they should be there soon. 

Took a drive down to the pad site Friday, lots of activity as they were in the process of erecting the rig.  Support trailers are there rig deck is assembled.

I have been out of town for the last four weeks and I am sincerely appreciative for those of you who have kept the other 1100 viewers informed about the Deucker unit activity.

The fact that there is now drilling activity is a good thing! However, I’d like to point out the fact that the later that production is postponed is good for us as the price of Oil is having a problem moving above the $50 range and natural gas is stuck at the $3 range. This will improve when the multi billion dollar cracker plants have been constructed in Northeast Ohio and North East Pennsylvania. Additional pipe lines also have to be constructed to be able to economically move the products.

We were in the county today  and drove by.  Here's a pic...

Thanks JT, this picture is worth 1100 words, much further advanced than I would have imagined. Received the pooling docs in the mail this week. Same as you had indicated earlier were on the US Land records site. I agree with Al that it would be great to hold production for prices to increase. Just reassuring to know that the pooling is complete and apparently, drilling is going to occur.

Very well may be the rig that was working the Davis Trust unit just over in Archer.  It pulled out just days ago. 

ODNR website well status:

6H & 210H  Well Drilled

8H & 10H Drilling

Was down to the pad site today lots of equipment and truck traffic as they have been fracking for a week as I was told.


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