Anybody know what's going on with the 4 wells that they didn't plug?
RHDK Inv Guernsey
Chumney Trust Guernsey
J Hill Coshocton
Hershberger Wayne

ODNR has all these wells as status "producing", but nothing is being produced.

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James, Enervest, who is the operator of the Rhdk well in Guernsey County, permitted for 2 more laterals early in the summer.  I cannot speak about the others other than the Chumney well should have performed much better than it did.  I am told the lateral for the well was not landed properly, missing the target zone.

Thanks Arminius, you are indeed correct and I was wrong. Well ownership for RHDK was CHK to DVN to EVEP. Interesting on the new permits! I had not heard that DVN missed the target on Chumney. I heard they had that problem in another shale play(Tuscaloosa Marine Shale) Devon exited that play also selling out to Goodrich for something like $100-200/acre and now Goodrich is "making hay" down there. Maybe someone will do the same in the Utica.
I was by the Apple Creek well about 6 months ago. It's still there. Found this on the net

"The Apple Creek Historical Society contacted the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Oil and Gas as to the status of the well. The Wayne County Oil and Gas inspector said that he notified Devon that they either need to put the well in production or plug and abandon it. Devon told the inspector that they were in the process of selling the well and the acreage."

I guess someone must have bought it or it should be plugged by now.
Thanks Cy, we will see! I was fortunate enough to be in Apple Creek when DVN was flaring this well. They flared it for almost a month. The word was they only were getting about 125bo/day. Not quite a commercial well but certainly has some value or they would have p/a.
I think the landowners have a better idea of what's going on than we do. Why would you let Devon keep these 2-3 acre pads sit there for nearly 2 years without any production ruining in most cases good farmland? Don't forget the D Brill well also in Guernsey. It has been sitting there for nearly two years nothing done to it. I would guess the landowners are getting big bucks from Devon to let this happen until it's sold. Probably already sold we just don't know it yet.

Blue Jack they are receiving no payment, I know I talk to the Brills.



If sold is the new buyer a partner with Sinopec like Devon was?
William, if I was the Brills I would demand the well put into production or reclaim the pad to its original condition. Maybe they were gag ordered not to talk. If the well pad had no substantial value I would think they would have plugged long ago.

Blue jack,
no you can read the agreement online (usland records), they only paid $100 for the lease. It does suck for them they have no recourse that I can think of.

The 4 pads are for sale. Bluejack, all they have to do is file a temporary inactive status and they are good for 2 years. Anadarko filed just before they let their pad/wells go back to Artex and NGO. Maybe we will find out soon. This is a terrible environment to sell. We will see!
For what it's worth..... In Michigan Devon has released Tip Top Energy(China) from its 1/3% JV and assigned the portion to Marathon.


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