We signed a lease in January, 2014.  Our property is in Braintrim Township, Wyoming County.  Still have not received any royalties.  Keep saying that they have not received Division Order.  Is this typical.  Does anyone know how long it takes to get things rolling?

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Thanks, Sherre.  Yes, we are the Overfield acreage, btw.  What you're telling us about the production is just so unreal!  So interesting too.  And, of course, we love the royalty part.  Would be really nice if we'd see some of it!  lol

We also heard that FC W 1H and 6H will be coming too.  Is that right?  And, if they're pumping so much out of the wells now, will it end in a few years or will it continue to go for 50 years like some people have predicted.  And, do you have any info on the Utica find?


I'll talk to my sisters about selling, but doubtful.

Hi Sherre.  I just talked to Kelly in Steve's office at Chp.  She didn't seem to have all the info I wanted, so she is going to talk to the land agent and get back to me.  (same old).  

I wanted to ask you if you know if we're included in the FC W 1H and 6H on the Roundwood pad.  Kelly didn't know.  Sure would be nice to have some 'real' info.


Hi Sally,  Glad you got to talk to someone. That should get the ball rolling. Yes, we are covered by FC west 6H and 1H.  How did you know about them? Did your receive copies of the drill permits?  I would love to have a copy for my files. The Roundwood pad is located within the FC West unit. They are drilling 2 into the West unit and 4 into the new (un-named unit ?) Roundwood.  I haven't seen anything on that unit yet and probably won't until much later. I know that it goes from the FC West unit to the river. No idea how many acres that includes.

     I'm going to freind you, then we can chat more.


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