Happy Monday!

I received my first royalty payments/statements recently and I have some questions. 

1.  The decimal interest is not the same as on the division orders (DO) I received.  Months 1 & 2 of production the decimal interest was less than what is on the D.O, months 3-6 the decimal interest was more than the D.O.

2.  I received a different royalty statement for a well I never received DO's (or really anything other than a lease) on.  I believe this statement is referring to the lease I signed for the Marcellus only.  However, if I look on marcellusgas.org, it is showing production from Marcellus/Utica.  If the gas is coming from the unleased Utica will they just abide by the Marcellus only lease terms or do they pay out the minimum of 12.5% for unleased?

I have contacted the company but it usually takes a few days for answers and I was hoping someone on here may know :).

I am in PA.

Thanks in advance!

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