I guess my question  is do very many women work at marcellus shale and do you think women can do the work ? just looking for opinions thanks

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there is also this course not sure if it would be much help tho  


Community College of Beaver County
Provider Program Type: ETPP
Service Category: Training
Program year: 07/01/2010 - 06/30/2011
Is this a single course or a program of study: Course
Provider Service Code:  
Provider Service Title: GIS Mapping
Provider Service Description: GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping software is becoming more and more popular as a requirement when proceeding down the career paths such as Civil Engineering, Surveying, Conservation, Defense and Intelligence, Economic Development, Regional Planning, Public Works or Criminal Justice fields just to name a few. The software, Earth Systems Research Institute’s (ESRI) Arc View 9.3, is one of the top computer-based mapping tools used for mapping and analyzing mapping systems on Earth today. The GIS Certificate program will begin with an introduction to the basic computer and file management skills you will need to run the program. In addition you will gain a general knowledge of geographic terms. Our expert instructors will then take you on a journey to developing and analyzing computer generated maps and geo-databases. You will learn how to identify and create features on a map and learn how to add labels while creating multi-layer maps and more. You can even share your map with others when completed.
90% of the jobs that are available and the NG companies are looking for people are posted on www.marchellusshalejobs.com  ..Though once there you should have a resume at the Unemployment office they can view via computer..We've been very successful that way. BTW have you thought of getting your CDL?
I really don't know how many women work in the Marcellus, specifically. I do know there are significantly more women in oil and gas operations and engineering than when I started with Dowell Schlumberger in 1986. I have worked as a field supervisor on rigs doing stimulation, cementing and well logging in addition to building pipelines. In my opinion, the upstream work is more physically demanding and more difficult to juggle with children. In fact, I switched over to midstream (pipelines & gas processing) just for that reason. Okay, that being said, I currently have an office job, because I have been in oil and gas for a long time.

However, the most positive thing I have seen over the last 25 years is the acceptance of females working in oil and gas. Most successful women who choose to work in this field, know we will be in the minority, can get along with about anyone, and like to be challenged to learn news things, but most importantly are adaptable.

Good luck and I wish you success in whatever you choose to pursue!
Thank you for the post!  I was really really thinking about going in to the gas and oil industry but I think I am going to look in to other schooling  everyone in my family is against me working long days and being away from the kids I can see their point but I know I need to work to make a living also  hopefully I can find a career that will make going to school worthwile  thank you

I realize that this is primarily a man's job, but I would think that the companies would love to hit an equal opportunity quota.  I am personally trying to get a job doing this because the money is really good.


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