Does anyone know about any drilling in Londonderry Township, Guernsey County, OH by Aubre? Skull Fork Rd to be exact? Thanks for any info you might share.

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Wow, Thank You, TM!

     My lease, that is located at the K&R Conservation property, is located about one mile north of this well site, that you just sent me, and just a wee bit east 1/4". It's located where rt. 122 comes in off of alexander ridge rd. Sorta in between the end of rt 122 and skull fork rd.

     My lease is on the north side of route 22. Do you know if they would drill under route 22 to include the property, where my lease is, or put another well site on the other side of Route 22 to include my lease. Do you know how close they drill wells? Do you know the amount of acres included in a drilling unit? This is getting exciting now! Appreciate all the info you sent! Thanks, again!!

Hi Norman,

Yes they can drill under Route 22 and include them. You might be a little too far northeast for this well but dont quote me on that. This well and the Lawson well I posted last week are only a section apart from each other. This well is in Section 20 and the Lawson well is in Section 19. Are you leased with American energy utica?

Once the horizontal permits are issued and the plat maps are posted you can see if you are in the unit or not.  Below is a link to the Ohio ODNR Well Viewer map. You can see where the horizontal laterals go in direction and length as they are permitted on this map. Good Luck.

yes, we are with American Energy (AEP). so there is hope then for me if they don't come this time as far northeast as I am. I thank you again for being so helpful and taking your time for me. If you hear anything would you just drop me a short note? I would appreciate that! Good Luck to you, also!!

Wasn't there a link at the bottom of your page, when you first posted this? Went back to look and it was gone.Not sure if this is near me. But thanks!


So what is going on in Londonderry now?  How are the water containment structures progressing?  Are there any new wells being planned that you are aware of?  Thanks!!!

I drove past this well pad last week, thought it was weird the AEP sign said freeport, Oh but the pad is obviously in Guernsey cty. does any one have any info on this well? There were no numbers on the sign yet

This Lake well is in the Freeport quadrangle on a map. That is why the sign said that.



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