Does anyone know about any drilling in Londonderry Township, Guernsey County, OH by Aubre? Skull Fork Rd to be exact? Thanks for any info you might share.

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There is an old Enervest Clinton well:

Maybe they are getting ready to drill a deep well on that site.

Are they putting in a large pad?

Am living out of state and cannot "visit" the property any more. Have no idea about a pad? Let me know if you hear of anything happening near Skull Fork Rd. Thanks alot, Phillip

You can use the ODNR Oil and Gas Well Viewer to keep track of drilling around your land:

thanks, Phil. i went to the site but i really didn't know what i was looking at! not too computer savvy! my lease site is in the conservatory. the property is south of freeport, on skull fork rd., right inside the guernsey line. signed with shell in oct. '11, now aubrey. hope they decide to drill in my area. i assume aubrey will contact me to let me know they are drilling.

They have ran pipeline across ginger rd up I assume a well will go in there some time because of how the pipeline turned on the top of the hill on another property.

Thanks, Joan! Am not familiar with Ginger Rd. Is this road near Skull Fork Rd., the property where my mineral rights are? It is the K&R Conservation LLC, on Skull Fork Rd. Are you familiar with that area? Don't own the property, just the mineral rights. I no longer am in the state of Ohio, so I am pretty much in the dark. Used to go past the property from time to time. I would appreciate any updates, you might be able to give me. It will be 3 years in October, that I sold my mineral right to Shell, now Aubrey. Haven't heard anything since the signing.

Thanks so much!

Ginger road branches off of skull fork just before skull fork gets to st rt 22.

thanks! now I do know where it is at! if you don't mind keep me informed of any future moves towards drilling in that area.

Thanks TM! Now the property that I have the mineral rights to is north of Rt. 22., right off Skull Fork Rd., where the K&R Conservation property is located. Could you tell me if the well is real close to the K&R property and I might be included in this well? I did find out that there is a possibility that my property is included in a drilling unit.Do you have any idea if this would maybe include me? I'm not to good at figuring out how to figure out how close the site you sent is to the K&R property and if I would be included in this well. The distance on the map looks far to me but not knowing exactly how to read the map and gauge a distance, would you be able to tell me. We live in North Carolina and cannot go to the area and check things out. I thank you for any help you can give me  in figuring this out. It sure would be great if my lease is included in this well. When will they be drilling, if you know? Thank you!


This permit is for a vertical STRT permit. The horizontal permits have not been applied for or issued yet by ODNR. Once the horizontal laterals are permitted you can find the plat maps for the wells to see if your land will be included in the unit.


Does not look like any of the current wells listed on ODNR are close enough to impact you yet.

This new Lawson permit is 2.5 miles South/Southwest of the 22/Skull Fork Rd intersection.

The closest pads to you are Ripley 2 miles SW of the intersection and Milliken which is 2 mile NE of the intersection.

That is not to say there is not something in the works - these are just what is showing up on ODNR at this time.

Hope this helps.


Thank you ML. Let me know if anything gets near my area. I'd appreciate that!


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