Does anyone know about any drilling in Londonderry Township, Guernsey County, OH by Aubre? Skull Fork Rd to be exact? Thanks for any info you might share.

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Temporary water line set up from Hidden Haven lake,owned by Dale Miller, to Ripley well, I assume they will also pump water to Miller well , both wells are getting ready to be fracked and are owned by Gulfport. The Lake well (AEU) is drilled waiting to be fracked. And the Lawson(AEU) well and Caston (AEU)are both still being drilled . No new wells on this side of RT.22 except over by Fairview,Troyer well.. Rumors of wells on ridge above Tyson Mills road, have seen road crews out checking quality of roads. Also strong rumors of COAL MINE being drilled on Pennyroyal road !!!!!! Some landowners have already signed.

Anyone have anything new to report?  What about the Lawson well and the American Utica company?  Anthing new.

American Energy Utica applied for 6 permits on Oct 7 to drill in Londonderry at the Donna W. well location. The well is located at the link below. It is off of Bond Ln and by Skull Fork Road.

Anything new going on with permits or drilling?  Have heard that there is supposed to be some pipeline construction is this correct?  Thank you!!

Carrizo got 4 permits on Nov 3 for the Hoop well in Londonderry. It is off of Titus RD 871 on Hoop LN.


I intended on replying to your post, but put it on the main topic thread instead.

Latest I have heard is that they will be doing the seismic in maybe 3-4 weeks; the well pad on Bond Ln. should be almost complete, if not completed by now. There are two units they surveyed for that pad, from the map I saw (just visually as I saw the surveyor when he was out in the area); the pad is at the northeast corner of the first unit, and the second unit is to the west of that.  Word on the pipeline coming through is in the spring of '15 - but that isn't from any 'reliable' source.

Anything new going on  ?  Is there a Lawson well being drilled?

The Lawson pad is drilled and fracked, they are clearing a site up there to put some water tanks to feed a temporary water line to the Caston well for fracking, these 2 wells are AEU. The Miller well, on Jasper road is being fracked now, that's a Gulfport well. Ripley well is done, Gulfport,and the Lake well is done, AEU. Another new well is going in on Beaver Lane, plus the Bond well, plus the Hoop well, The Yoder well on Pennyroyal is being drilled.  There has also been a lot of pipeline activity to hook up Lawson's. So needless to say, lots of activity between Pennyroyal and McCoy road. 

Thank you our place is on Penrose Rd.  I do appreciate the information as I live in Trumbull County.


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