We live in NC and have property in Tyler Co. so sort of out of the loop. We've leased with Antero. Any drilling done by this company? They seem ok, but keep asking us about selling our mineral rights. Just wondering.

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They are a good company. I have heard others say that Antero has offered to buy their mineral rights. Probably easier for them to own them instead of paying royalty. They must have enough money to feel comfortable doing this.

Maybe others have more to offer.

I also live in NC and have minerals in Ritchie and a small amount in Tyler.

Thanks Nancy. We are just wondering about the whole thing. I think we will probably just hold on to our rights for a while. I'm sure it would be easier for them to just buy the rights but in the long run, the seller could potentially lose money on the deal.
I live in Belmont NC but lease to Antero in Tyler County. So far so good with payments.


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