Is it just me or are we entering into a new phase of reporting from gas companies providing drilling activity plans, geological information with graphs & charts or any other information that we landowners need to understand or speculate what might lie ahead for our properties.  Instead, as provided by CNX Gas today, was just a financial report for investors.  Will this become the new norm for these reports?  


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Check out the Seneca Resources (NFG) 1Q presentation; what an informative resource for what is happening in Central PA!  

Anyone have experience with Seneca Resources?

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How is the 4Q report from EQT being received by the GMS nation?  It looks really positive for continued growth in PA, WV & Ohio.

Any thoughts?

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1Q reports are coming out at the end of this month; will we learn anything new?  When will we hear about  an uptick in plans to begin E&P operations again?

Reports of big differentials  in sections of the Marcellus ...........Some reports might be a bit wobbly .... AR seems to have a nice potential .......High Liquids prices 1st qtr will be a big benefit .........

The Seneca Resources report will be very informative as usual.  Others including CNX will offer little insight into their upcoming plans.  There does seem to be a differential of activity with the NE section of PA and the SW section of PA seeing activity, and the fairway section not seemingly to be seeing any or very little activity.  Seneca Resources seems to be looking strong at Utica development, and getting many new permits in North Central PA.  Is it time to begin feeling more optimistic for new drilling?

Its all about pricing and takeaway ......Although PA drilling permits are down year over year , production stayed near historic norms ..... Appalachia drillers keep getting better results with less monetary effort ...... COG hit lows this week .... 

AR should reports a very healthy qtr ... Liquid prices have been at multi year highs 

How should the quarterly report be interpreted?   Does the format & information offered by these reports reflect on whether the gas company plans to grow, position itself  for a buy-out or remain as a small company?  How do investors view these reports?  


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