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Eclipse announces results on Shroyer well in Salem TWP, Monroe Co and the Mizer well in Harrison County.   Appears the dry Utica is strong in Salem TWP.    Also corporate presentation is updated.

I say buy

So do the guys who are invested in ECR.

Still no production numbers on the Herrick well?

Placed the Company’s operated Herrick well pad into sales consisting of 3 gross (2.5 net) Utica Shale dry gas wells with an average lateral length of 6,132 feet at an average 30-day sales rate of approximately 35 MMcf per day using the Company’s restricted choke production method with average initial flowing pressure of 5,838 psi over the first 5 days

Any news on what area eclipse is now focused on?

I would say Millwood township in guernsey county it seems. They have pads and rigs everywhere and building more


You see anything on Beaver twp yet? I haven't been on to much lately getting ready for hunting season and old man winter.

Yes Rick alot going on in Beaver. Most of it around Batesville area though. Nothing your way yet.


Ok! thanks! I am glad and honestly I hope nothing does anymore! And I know you know unless it is a pipeline or shallow well, The only thing that can help me at this point! Unless they go deep! and chance of that isn't But really I don't want the traffic..Thanks! 


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