Have tried for two weeks to get hold of them at their corporate office.  Royalty check not received this month from Herrick Wells in Lee Township, Monroe County.  Have they gone out of business ... has anyone heard?

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Nope. Still in business. Maybe they shut down for a few weeks. They did that around first of the year I think also

Thanks evan ... we have left messages and no return calls ... no royalty check this month ... this has never happened and since we live in Western North Carolina ... we thought we would ask...thank you again!!

If its a shallow well most leases will state that if the royalties are less then $50 no check will be coming.  I have two shallow wells owned by Eclipse and get a check every other month.

Eclipse sold their shallow wells to another company out of Alabama....a couple of months ago.

This is the Herrick wells in Lee township, monroe county.  Not a shallow well.  They have choked these 3 wells (natural gas) back to nothing.  So royalties have dropped tremendously this year.  We were just looking for information since we do not live on the property and could not get hold of Eclipse ... you guys have been so helpful and we are so appreciative. If you hear any worthwhile gossip on what is going on with Eclipse ... we would appreciate the information.  We read their quarterly report to their stockholders ..but didn't say much ... just they are holding on until natural gas prices rise... so much for landowners right LOL ... thanks again guys for your input!!  Holding on and hoping for better days YAY

I would suggest getting in the car and visiting them; intimidating and effective.  Give them a heads up of course that you are on your way.


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