It is unbelievable how many well pads are being built by Eclipse around Quaker City area.  I know of 5 well pads that are within a couple miles, they must have high hopes. Most of those include old Oxford leases. Gonna be  a busy year 

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This may be the year that I get forced pooled?

Yeah it may be as many Eclipse leases that are around you. If you do I would think it would come from across 265 from your property. It's a huge chunk that's all Eclipse. 300 or 400 acres at least


Are you getting this information from the DNR site.  Or are you seeing/hearing it in the area?  I appreciate all your posts.  I know a lot of acreage around me (including just over the county line into Belmont) is leased or HBP with Eclipse.  I've heard of the Pletcher south of Barker and another location north of Shannon Run that may be put in an Eclipse unit.  If you hear of anything closer to me (between Shannon Run and Barker at the county line) I would appreciate hearing about it.  If we could arrange it, I would like to sit down and have a conversation and introduce myself to you and Philip Brutz.  Both of you post a lot of great info.

Thanks again,


I've been hauling stone to one on Shannon Run about a mile off of 147. I think it is Rex. Hauling to the Hayes pad off of 513. Yoder is another one. Going to start on the Blue Racer tomorrow just below Summerfield to the right.

Highways are beginning to fall apart. Heavy trucks and a harsh winter........

Thank's Sawdust please keep us posted.

Any time you haul stone to a new site please post it on the Millwood township thread:

Yes Sawdust 513 is falling apart. I work for ODOT and I hear and see it everyday it is as bad as I've ever seen. It is getting paved in a couple months but I don't see it lasting to long
I'm seeing it and Eclipse attends township meetings to go over all their routes and permits.
Feel free to contact me I'm always around Quaker city. Yes Philip is full of good info

David I live in Cleveland,  so I don't get down to my land very often.


I live in Medina county and work in Cleveland.  Once turkey season starts I'll be going down to my property pretty regularly.  Maybe we could get together later in the spring - it looks like a lot of activity will be taking place.


Evan..were you approached by any "landmen" from eclipse to sign a lease amendment ???  If so, did they offer any incentives  ??   I'm leased w/ eclipse also, just wondering......Paul


Paul no I'm leased with Chesapeake but had a lot of conversations with Eclipse lately


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