Encino buying Gulfport and other cast off assets in Eastern Ohio ?

So we all know Encino has appetite for the risk, buying up CHK assets. 

Doing a bit of sleuthing and speculating though - is it possible they are not done there and might be buying up some leases/minerals in Guernsey/Noble/Belmont Counties now that Montage is pulling out and Gulfport is focused only on their developed lands and more profitable areas ?

Seems like there might be a chance someone outside of Ascent is looking to do something in these areas...and it just may be the fresh cash from Encino financing it. 

Thoughts on this wild speculation ? How likely is it to come to fruition ?  How bad is it for property owners/prices ? Competition is generally a good thing for pricing - but is it really when one side is gaining a bad name in their land owner dealings. 

Countdown to Ron's spewings on Encino and how not to sign anything begins in 5...4...3...2...

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A single wind turbine now in design could power 16,000 homes.

At what net cost per kwh?

I will research that question.

These will take up zero land, because they will be placed off shore, and  tall enough that the wind will blow almost constantly, They will not kill miners to dig them, or cripple them for life, or abandon them or their towns when they are no longer needed, or poison our air, or heat our climate, flood our coasts, sink our islands, burn our houses, cause mass migrations, enable dictators, cause wars, take our taxes to send weapons abroad. Yes, the grid system will have to be upgraded to accommodate the new energy, but that means good jobs. Ask PG&E about the current grid system.

frank speaker

What is the actual initial cost to put one of these wind turbine units in production?

What is the best case and also the average expected output of one unit (hint, I'm NOT asking for the rated capacity of the unit)? 

Are there ANY actual units in production ANYWHERE that we can get true, real-world data from to give us a better picture of the true cost of operation?

What is the expected lifespan of this power generating equipment?

What is the cost to maintain this equipment on an annual basis?

I'm assuming these are to be used at sea?

What are the negative effects of salt air on the power generating equipment?

How much will this at sea environment shorten the life of the equipment?

What is the cost of installation of underwater transmission lines to feed this generated power inland where it will be consumed?

What is the lifespan of these transmission lines?

What is the annual maintenance cost of these transmission lines?

How much .gov subsidy money will be used to put each unit in production?

Is this .gov money included in the true cost figures previously asked for?

What are the negative effects on the environment around and all living organisms that come in contact with this power generating equipment?

What are the negative byproducts of all aspects of the manufacture of this power generating equipment?

At what actual cost per kwh to the end user?

Can anyone actually afford to use the energy produced this way?

These are the types of questions that must be asked and then answered when considering ANY energy source. Unfortunately, I've never been able to get concrete answers. When hard questions start to get asked, the promoters always go into "sales" mode and tout all the "benefits" and avoid the concrete answers. This goes for solar, wind power, ethanol, etc.


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