My Ohio land has been in producing wells several years & I've done my homework over the years. I receive royalties, have pipeline, etc. 

I continue to recently receive hard-copy mailings from "Energy-Level, LLC" of Ohio/Pennsylvania relating to purchasing my mineral rights. Not happening. That said, wondered if anyone here is receiving similar mailings from this 'company'. I did some digging around and they seem questionable (as do most). The new "President" told me there are "several investment groups" but she didn't know who or how many. They have noted one location in OH and another in PA.

Just curious if anyone here has additional details on this 'company'. Thank you.

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I haven't heard of this company and can't find a website oany info on them.

Same here my friend. But anyone wondering to start a Delaware LLC then needs to go through the Delaware LLC Search process for business naming and this really sucks.  

This is all I found, sounds like a independent flipping mineral rights 



File Number:  7208377

Filing State:  Pennsylvania (PA)Filing Status:  Active

Filing Date:  January 12, 2021

Company Age:  1 Year 2 Months


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