any insight on what is going on?

got a letter saying EOG wanted to do survey on 188

squre miles.   I’m in goshen township tusc county. Ohio

the paying $5 acre to cover damages

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Nobody has heard of this?
Nobody has a comment. Did I dream this up

According to a recent article EOG has been working some rigs in the Utica oil window and feel that at todays prices and with their drilling expertise, they may be able to profitably drill and produce in the oil window. They have taken over some older wells and leases from EAP and for them to do seismic in the oil window prior to leasing would make sense. $5 per acre is/was the going price in Harrison Co. a few years ago to shoot seismic.

they are here. actively drilling holes for dynamite charges

Big insider EOG buy this week 

they are reported to be drilling 20 wells here in 2023

they are after the oil based on the rose well drilled in NW carroll county. 27500 barrels in 59 days out of a 162 acre unit, 6000' lateral
Utica Combo Play Improves Quality of Premium Inventory
395k Net Acres in High Potential Combo Play - < $600/Net Acre Average Cost of Entry
Basins to Identify Potential of Utica Combo Play
- ~25% Uplift in Production and Reserves from Minerals Ownership
Rapidly Moving Toward Delineation
- Significant Double Premium Potential Across Acreage Position
- 4 Wells Completed in Last 12 Months Confirm Reservoir Model
- Targeting < $5/Boe Finding Cost and 3-Mile Laterals
395,000 Total Net Acres
EOG Wells Legacy Wells
- Leveraged Extensive Data and Technical Understanding From Multiple
1 100% Minerals Ownership Across ~135k Acres in South Utica - Product Mix Averages ~60-70% Liquids Across Acreage - Acquired Minerals Interest at Low Cost of ~$1,800/Acre
Enhances Returns
- Control Over Development Pace Provides Significant Upside to Value of
Investment in Minerals Interest
- Reservoir Model Calibrated Through Extensive Data, Including 18 Legacy
Wells Operated by EOG
Development Plan
0 25 50
- Planning ~20 Well Program for 2023
Production and reserves uplift is based on a 20% royalty interest burden that would have been otherwise incurred if minerals interest were not acquired.
Cost of minerals interest acquisition does not include cost to lease acreage.
3Q 202


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