We are having a problem getting division orders from EQT on our wells in Belmont County Ohio.  They are paying us royalties but we have never received division orders from them.  The problem for us is that Gulfport Energy is the joint owner of these wells and will not pay us until EQT provides them with division orders.  EQT told us 3 months ago that they were not authorized by the state of Ohio to provide division orders.  We contacted them again last week about this issue but have not received any reply.  Does anyone else have a similar situation?  The wells we have interest in are Dominator and King Krunch.

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Is EQT the majority on your wells? I am also in a co owned unit. Gulfport is the minority owner, but drilled the well. Wells producing since oct 2017. Got my division orders from gulfport back in the spring 2018. Got my first royalty check in sept 2018. I just received my firs EQT check this week. They did not provide any division orders, just different owner number. They told me on prior conversations (eqt) that they use gulfporrts division orders since they drilled the well.

I would think the lease holder would own that responsibility.....and they also should be the ones making sure you are paid.

Yes, I agree.  I plan on contacting Gulfport next week.  

Were you able to get ahold of them?

Yes, Gulfport says they are working on the division orders for the wells but they need more information from EQT.


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