EQT Goes Green after signing 3 year deal with U.S. Well Services using their electric Clean Fleet powered by NG

U.S. Well Services quadruples after winning electric frac deal with EQT

Must be a bit of drilling planed over the next three years. 

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What happened to the other thread ,, did someone delete it ? If so why ? 

Don’t know why the poster took it down but EQT is up today 14.88%.  

This is great for the environment, and traffic at the site.

Where does the NG come from, and how do they account for Royalties of the NG used?

I don’t know where they get their NG but since they’re a 3rd party contractor and have to have processed clean NG they probably have a refueling garage connected to the local gas company.  If they have long hauls they could stop at any gas station that had compressed NG.  I suppose if they had portable processing equipment they could suck off a well somewhere but they would have to meet some kind of standards to keep the warranties on their truck  and equipment engines.  Even though NG is cleaner for the motors and our environment it seems the switch to the transportation sector is moving pretty slow.

Anyone have any experience or knowledge how an electric frac fleet operates on a pad?  If they use NG for a fuel, how do they obtain it on a pad?    How do they compensate the royalty owners for using their gas? 


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