Trying to figure out how my royalty well production can be so far apart from one company to the next. Finally got the percentages from EQT on the units I am in.

The R1 in wells 580248, 580249, 580250, 580527 & 580528 is burdened by EQT 68.69% and GPOR 31.31%.

One would think that the volume per well would reflect on the percentage that each company is responsible for. With EQT having the largest portion, why are the volumes so far apart?

So why if EQT has the largest interest can the volumes be so much less than the smaller share holder (gulfport)

one would think that EQT volume would be more than the GP volume? How does this work?

well 3b Gulfport 66644 EQT 39382 

well 5b gulfport 37978 EQT 17142

well 6b Gulfport 81881 EQT 30070

well 2a gulfport 57810 EQT 34162

well 4a gulfport 65801 EQT 29700

Thanks for any insight.

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If you can get access to the documents describing the agreements between the companies about these wells, you might have at least some of your answer. It might be a tedious job. Look in the deeds/leases database for the county where the mineral interests/wells are located.

what I can not understand is how the volumes could be different percentage wise.  EQT is the larger percent holder so one would think (at least me) that the larger volume between the 2 would be EQT. use well 3b for example. Total volume for the month equals 106026. With that in mind EQT has a 68.9% interest, Gulfport the rest. 68.9% of 106026 would be 73051 for EQT and 32975 for Gulfport.
What was reported is EQT 39382 and gulfport  66644.

Maybe I am looking at this too simplistically.

They might have a complicated agreement. Also month to month might not somehow line up, and they might have different sales agreements for their individual amounts. I had experience with that.


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